Creating your vision board, I have found, is an excellent exercise for aiding in self-exploration and, ultimately, achieving what we most want in life.  It helps us to focus on what we are affirming, rather than what we fear.  It gives us a picture for our daily gratitude practice which is very important because we must be grateful for what we are about to receive BEFORE it manifests in form.  I feel that the vision board is just another very helpful tool in our toolbox of personal development and transformational processes.

Before creating our board it is very important to do our self-exploration and self-reflection work.   Carl Jung states: ” Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart… Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  A vision board helps us to live from the inside out.  To manifest OUR dreams, not the dreams of others.

Vision boards are helpful at all stages of our journey.  I used a vision board, along with many other processes,  to create a new life after the death of my 39 year old marriage.  Others come to a vision board after being laid off from a job or after an illness has caused a complete re-evaluation of their lives.  However, many of us are happy and yet have yearnings for something more.  The vision board helps us to employ the law of attraction and therefore is not magical or wishful thinking, but, rather, a way to use this law for our Highest Good.

Since everything that comes into our lives is something that we have attracted by virtue of the images that we hold in our minds, a vision board helps us to have laser focus.  A vision board, therefore, helps us to create consciously rather than by ‘accident’.  Of course, in Reality, there are no accidents.  There are numerous excellent books that describe how to go about creating our boards; however, I keep it very simple.

(1) I get clear as to each part of my life and my overall vision.  I look at my life as it IS and then where I want to BE.  I envision what I am going to manifest.

(2) I gather up materials such as magazines, travel ads etc. and look for images that represent my visions.  I also get clear on words I can use & personal symbols.

(3) I allow myself the luxury of time and play!  I play with the images and let myself be as a child.  I let things simmer & do not rush to put things on my board.

(4) I begin putting the images on my board in an organic fashion, like a collage.  I employ my overall vision and intuition and ask the angels what to manifest!

(5)  As I paste things on my board I check to see that it is something that my beliefs will ALLOW me to receive.  The art of allowing is crucial.

(6) My process involves a playful, joyous attitude full of complete expectation that EVERYTHING  (or something better) will manifest in Divine Timing.

(7) I place my vision board in a space where the energy is beautiful & active and I can easily view it.  Eye level is best.

One of my tips is to look at your daily affirmations & to check that your images & affirmations are aligned.  My vision board encapsulates the essence of every daily affirmation I employ as well as my gratitude practice.  This triples the power.  Of course there are endless resources available for those of you wishing more information on vision boards.  I offer a vision board workshop, as do many other law of attraction practitioners.   The book and movie THE SECRET is a very good resource.  However, many of us lightworkers have discovered that the movie seemed to leave out ‘inspired action.’  Follow the gentle whisperings and nudges of your angels & guides as well as your own inner wisdom and intuition.  Do not worry HOW  your dreams will manifest .  That’s not your job!  Your Co-Creator is unlimited & has the complete picture.  Divine Timing is involved, but, you can still play with timing if you choose to.  Creating a vision board depicting the next two,  five or ten years or so.  Nothing is off the board so to speak when you work with Spirit!

Ask that EVERYTHING be for the Highest Good of EVERYONE involved and then detach, relax and take steps as and when guided.  Let the MAGIC unfold.

Love & Light,    Monica



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  1. GIllian August 14, 2014 at 3:51 pm Reply

    This has made me want to do a vision board! And I like the idea of “playing with the timing.”:)

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