“The path of the lightworker requires extreme courage.”   Lori Spagna

“Our home is the wider universe – it always has been.”   Amanda Ellis


I had no specific  plan or topic for my blog today so as usual the Angels and guides are nudging me along. I thought when I sat down to write I was going to call this post “Higher adaptation” but then I felt a nudge to channel and I asked who was here for me and my community today and it is St-Germain.  Saint-Germain is not a saint in the Catholic sense. I wrote a previous post about the Violet Flame and Archangel Zadkiel and Saint-Germain if you wish to go back into my blog archives and review it. He’s a very important figure in the ascension movement and I received an initiation from him around 2010. Saint-Germain was a very mysterious man in his time on Earth. So, I asked Saint-Germain what his message is to us today and received – “Do not over-analyze. Some of you over-analyze your new way of being as if you feel you need to explain it for others. It is enough that you exist and are ascending to a higher consciousness. Analyzing in 3D consciousness a 5D process that is inherent to your soul is not in your best interest at this time of Higher adaptation. Feel your way into it. Let your body have its say. Your body has its own intelligence and is asking for a different kind of care that is more specific to who you are becoming rather than the way you were.”

Does that resonate with you in any way? It does for me. In this time of Higher adaptation I find myself sometimes slipping into a default programming from the old 3D world of the past. This includes the way that I eat. I am currently exploring a new way of eating as I have found my old way of eating no longer works. Neither does my old way of exercise. None of this has resulted, as yet, in any certainty as to how to proceed – so Saint-Germain’s guidance is very on point for me. I need to keep out of my head about this and just listen to what my body wants now. Here and now.

Of course as you can tell, I took my title of this post from Saint-Germain’s message. It reminds me of the movie with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford. But the point is  – who we are now, is not who we were before we went through the latest portal of the 11/11 Gateway. These portals are always moving us forward; however, have you noticed that this time we have had the courage to move through it consciously knowing that there really is no turning back?  This is why some of us, myself included, have been feeling a seemingly unexplainable sense of sadness. Grief. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Some people need to cry it out. That is not weakness, in fact – it is just the opposite. Knowing that we can never go back to 3D Earth can bring a sense of sadness or terror or panic. That is our human, our ego-personality part of us. It is okay to mourn. Go ahead. Call in the Angels to hold you in Light and Love while you do that. It is necessary to take your time to mourn what is gone before you recognize that the Cosmos is now your new home. Actually, as Amanda Ellis teaches – “it always has been.”

I was wandering around the kitchen this morning feeling like all of us are back from the future! I felt that move through my body. That we are our future selves newly awake. It takes courage to come back from the future in order to help move others forward. We are the pioneers. So, Saint-Germain’s message resonates for me. Our DNA has the codes we need to keep moving forward. Our Free Will (Higher Self) activates them. Some of us are seeking out New Age transmitters of activations. That is one way of ascending. I enjoy receiving activations. I have consciously received many over the last seven years.  I also channel activations from the Angels and ascended masters for those who choose that. However, remember that we need to allow ourselves the space and time to adapt to these Higher energies. Rome wasn’t built in a linear day.

3D in some ways made us feel safe. We had so many rules. Our ego/shadow may tell us that we were safer there. Our rules were something to hold onto to stay afloat so- to -speak.  We were told what to do, what to read, what to think. And, even if we rebelled, well, we had a foundation from which to do that that seemed solid. Some will remain in 3D. That is their choice. We are choosing to move forward, which takes great courage. However, when has it not taken courage to be a pioneer?

As a super sensitive person do not be surprised if you are clearing more old stuff out now from your core wounding or the core wounding of the collective. Some of us do a clearing for others as part of our service. Do not hold on to it. It is all from the way we were. We are adapting to Higher energies. Preparing also for the energies of 2020. 22 is a master number.

It is time to deliberately do something different. We are no longer restricted by linear time. We need a new way of working with others still on 3D time. 3D time is the old linear time. We can still meet our earthly commitments while acknowledging the fluidity of our 5D non-time. This may feel quite destabilizing to our ego-personality. So, love it up into 5D. The ego only wants us to be safe. Invite your ego to join you in creating a new foundation that is unique to you now. Not who you were.

You are likely finding that old ways of being and old commitments anchor you to an old reality. This feels uncomfortable. We may need to feel uncomfortable for awhile. We may need to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. We are going through a period of High adaptation. Everything is changing. However, in Divine timing we all move into our divine time, flow and knowing.

Thank you St-Germain.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian November 14, 2019 at 2:26 pm Reply

    Excellent! “Comfortable with feeling uncomfortable” is great advice.

  2. Joan November 15, 2019 at 9:57 pm Reply

    Thanks Monica — comforting and encouraging as usual.

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