“The world has changed too fast for our genetic makeup.”   Nassim Nicolas Taleb

“As we get knocked out of linear space and time more and more episodes of vertigo and short-term memory loss are likely.”   Joan Pancoe

“This is an outstanding period to create a new life… pull out of the quantum soup the kind of reality you want to experience for yourself.”   Pam Gregory 


The last few years we have experienced an unprecedented surge of higher frequency waves bombarding the Earth and it is especially uncomfortable for those of us who are psychically sensitive. Some of us are experiencing what Joan Pancoe calls “cosmic flu” symptoms.  These symptoms include: joint pain, fatigue, nervousness, free-floating anxiety, restless sleep, overactive dream states, brain fog, the feeling of ego-identity disintegrating. This list is not exhaustive. This is due to the fact that there is an unrelenting acceleration of planetary, galactic, and cosmic energies bringing in the next phase of the evolution of consciousness. These are potent times.

Some spiritual teachers, myself included, have felt “a disturbance in the Force.” There is a lot of shifting. Therefore, do not forget to shield with white light and keep everything around you energetically clean. Selenite and clear quartz helps with that.  Do not go into a state of fear or be drawn into drama – that is kryptonite to your powers.

Avoid a retreat into the past right now lest you get frozen in time. Instead, face any remnants of wounds or any elephant in the room and take care of your emotional health. Look for clues to your joy, your bliss. What are you drawn to? What do you value? What are the things that you dream of doing? Try to stay away from the narcissists says Steve Nobel. Empaths attract them like moths to a flame. Steve says: “Don’t think that you can wake them up. I have never heard of an empath being able to wake up a narcissist – I believe that to be a myth.”  In these potent times, you may experience what spiritual teachers call “divine discontent.” This gives you the encouragement and opportunity to make a choice and do something. The old life doesn’t fit anymore, like a pair of old shoes you have outgrown. When you enter the void period just keep reminding yourself that it will become, eventually, the dawn period because it sometimes feels like you may be going crazy or that you are undergoing a physical death. You are not!  You will wake up a butterfly.

If your own plans turn out to be in the way of God’s/Source’s plans – then surrender. What does spiritual surrender look like? Gabby Bernstein lays out the 5 steps beautifully: “(1) Take your hands off the wheel and pray. Pray for what is the Highest Good of all. (2) Focus on what is thriving in your life. (3) Remember that obstacles are detours in the right direction. (4) Ask for a sign (you will receive one so watch and listen) (5) When you think you’ve surrendered – surrender more.”  (Oprah Soul Sunday)

The Angels love you for who you are – for yourself. There is nothing you need do. Their Love is God’s Love and it is unconditional. You are enough – just as you are.

While in the cocoon, love, dream and imagine. You must be able to imagine that which you wish to create. Each of us is creating the future – it is not written in stone. The cocoon offers you the opportunity to remember your ancient skills such as telepathy, quantum healing, channeling.  Do you feel drawn to more growth through channeling? The capacity to channel is in your DNA.  I began conscious channeling in 2006 with Archangel Michael.  (I was channeling as a teen but had no name for it)  In order to channel you need to be able to free yourself of energy blocks. Gillian and I learned how to do this in the 1970s with psychic medium Geraldine Smith. Do you have a pain anywhere in your body? If so, try this now. Where is your pain? Imagine that you are describing it to me. Where is the core of your pain? What is the energy of it doing? ( contracting? pulsing? expanding?) What colour is it? How big is the pain? How wide is it?  How deep? What are the emotions?  Does your pain have any voices? Repeat till the pain decreases or goes away.  If it is a block it will reveal itself, if it is a gift, it will reveal itself.  When you finish the exercise – answer in your journal. Who am I ? What am I ? What am I here for?

When all blocks are gone, you may decide to remember how to channel. I remembered during my Angel Therapy(R) course in California. We can remember whenever we are ready or wish to grow further through conscious channeling. It requires spiritual discipline. The largest potential block is fear – fear is part of the ego-personality and needs to be set aside in order to channel.

The method I personally use most frequently to channel is this:  I call in Archangel Michael to protect me in a bubble of white light, I call in Archangel Jophiel to raise me completely out of my ego (I maintain a lifestyle that keeps my vibration high) I set my intention, take some slow deep breaths until I feel my energy shift into the ‘zone’ (light conscious trance state) and then I call in whomever/whatever I am channeling and ask my questions and/or just listen/receive.  I have raised my vibration and the Angel/s has lowered Theirs and we meet in the middle.  I use this method for channeling Angels, faeries and ascended masters. I use a different method for so-called “dead folks.”  I never allow another being of any kind to ‘take me over’  – my sovereignty is sacred and complete.  Beings of the Light move into my energy field. If you feel you would like to channel there are loads of books on how to get started – everything you need is within you from ancient times. It is, though, a path that requires discipline.  Learn discernment. Practice. Trying too hard is a block. Channeling is easy – largely relaxation –  so – don’t make it difficult or complex – it is a birthright. The oldest form of communication.

For those of you saying that you don’t know how to go into a light conscious trance state – yes you do! You probably do it daily. Many times a day. Do you take a daily walk in Nature – allowing yourself to be carried away and immersed by the beauty of the leaves blowing in the wind or the animals scampering across the forest floor?  Does time disappear? That is it!

These potent times are giving us a sense of momentum. The energy is building for 2020. The Sun and Moon will have moved into Scorpio by October 28th. There is a new moon – a time of new beginnings. Especially new emotional beginnings. The last week of this month Pam says there is some militaristic energy coming. Avoid being impulsive at this time and use the energy toward your transformation – assertive yes, aggressive – no. Don’t let any stuffed down feelings get the better of you – clear them out!  Channel your Higher Self.

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian October 24, 2019 at 6:18 pm Reply

    Great blog with lots of pertinent reminders for us readers here. A friend asked me yesterday if I was “let down and tired” after canvassing for my local Green candidate (Sherri Jackson) and the question took me back. Au contraire, I’m all fired up and ready to go again! Probably because I follow Monica’s advice and shield regularly 🙂 We have to get out there and “find the others” if we’re ready, balanced with lots of quiet reflection. Yes, walking is great! Thanks, Monica!

  2. Joan October 25, 2019 at 8:32 pm Reply

    So much good advice – thanks!

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