“Many of you have noticed life’s acceleration and its impact on your perception, identity, and reality. The frequency of matter and our bodies, emotions and thoughts has been steadily rising, causing us to feel uncomfortable and pressured, while also becoming ultrasensitive and more aware of the inner world of energy-and-consciousness.”   Penney Peirce

“You probably recognize some of the signs and symptoms of this quickening process – in fact, you’ve probably experienced a variety of them, the initial  irritation of being in a body that’s revving up for a leap , the unpredictable explosions of emotions or traumatic events that can feel oddly like re-enactments, the nagging sensation of treading water or feeling too far behind, the changing perception of time, the voluntary or involuntary loss of identity, the increasing discomfort with anything that feels old, slow, boring, snagged, sticky, dense, or controlling. You may be conscious of all sorts of subtle preverbal energy-information – data transmitted via vibration – that you never noticed before.”   Penney Peirce


I am an avid reader. The book currently on my bedside table is Penny Peirce’s most recent offering Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity. If you haven’t yet read Penney’s work then I would suggest you read Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration before picking up Transparency. Penney shows us how radical transparency can facilitate our ideal life. This, I feel, is where all of us are headed. Penney talks of the journey to everyday enlightenment. “In the past, transformation was experienced by individuals who isolated themselves from society – in monasteries, cloisters, and caves or as specially chosen souls in villages, like shamans and healers. They focused on their connection to the spiritual world with great diligence and discipline. Today, though, the experience is available to anyone willing to practice some key principles.” Penney reminds us that we knew this time was coming – after all it has been “mapped for at least 16.4 billion years, if we are to believe the Mayan mathematicians and calendar makers.” After visiting Chichen Itza and walking on the grand pyramid, something I had wished to do for decades, I do believe the Mayan mathematics and their calendar makers. Always have.

So, Penney calls this time we are living in “the bridge time.” What a great name for it. In her chapter of the same name, Penney quotes Tom Stoppard, “Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.” Every end is also a beginning. We are reinventing ourselves as we go along, while bringing Heaven to Earth. While we still live physically in 3D our consciousness is expanding into higher and higher dimensions. Remember to be kind and gentle to yourselves as you undergo your changes. Do whatever is in front of you on the path, force nothing, as that can set you temporarily back in your spiritual progression.

Ascension is a normal process even though it does not always feel normal. We each have a unique activation story. What is yours? When did you realize that you are a multidimensional being? Please answer in your journal. Most agree that about 10% of us resides here in the third dimension. 90% of us is hidden in subtler dimensions. Our multidimensional selves can be activated alone, spontaneously, or with a teacher or non-physical guides. I am going to guess that if you remember back to your childhood you will recognize yourself as a multidimensional being. Who we are is who we have always been – multidimensional.

Sometimes our activations can be very subtle. They are not always dramatic. I have experienced both over the years – I have written about some of my activations/awakenings. Some I am keeping to share in the future when/if I am guided to speak of them. Gregory Hoag shared his experience of a Kundalini awakening ( a Kundalini awakening is always part of a greater awakening) recently at the Multidimensional Human Experience Summit. If you missed his interview – Gregory ‘s Kundalini awakening (energy moving up from the Earth and through all chakras) resulted in holes being burned in his feet. That is one example, there are many, of a dramatic awakening. Gregory told us that there were times where he just couldn’t stand being around other people and he advised us that it is so important to work with our guides. That is something I am always trying to get across to folks in my blogs and my own teachings – ask for help! Due to the Law of Free Will operational in the third dimension, you must ask.

Our guides will tell us that we are Source in physical form. As is everything. Our experiences of ourselves as Source will be unlike anyone else’s. No two of us will experience anything the same way. Your activation isn’t my activation. Source does not need to repeat itself. However, as we tell our stories of awakening and activation we build the bridge to help others ascend. Why? Because we live in the bridge time and we are learning to master the bridge of duality while we come to know ourselves as Source energy. Earth is our current platform for souls to know themselves. We will not stay in 5D when we ‘get’ there. Folks describe 5D as “just another plateau of possibilities.”

So, how do we keep moving forward on our path? Spiritual teachers tell us to do whatever it takes to love ourselves. When we love ourselves we love others. Loving ourselves is a spiritual experience. The path we seek is the path of service to our own light. Since ascension is a natural process we stop seeking it and just be present in the NOW as we become more and more of our authentic/transparent selves. When we are connected to our light we come Home to ourselves. The only difference between you and an ascended master is that the ascended master knows herself/himself as light and accepts that.

When others start to fall away from you or you fall away from them it is because, eventually, you can’t co-inhabit the same bandwidth with those still asleep. It has nothing to do with judging them. No one is better than someone else (that is part of the 3D matrix). We are waking up in waves. On our own timelines. Love for ourselves is essential. In fact, Sandra Walter, (an ascension teacher) goes so far as to say, ” If you aren’t giving yourself love too – you are screwed on the ascension path.” I would amend that slightly to add the word, temporarily. Likely, that is what Sandra meant. You put yourself on ‘pause’. As always, I recommend Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life which has helped people worldwide to learn to love themselves.

We just finished the “the March Wave” not long ago. Floodgates opened for energies to come through at the beginning of 2018. We all feel them. Our consciousness continues to rapidly expand. As codes turn on in our DNA we can sometimes feel ‘wiped out.’ I have felt this – sometimes taking a short nap, something I have never done in the past. We are ‘leveling up’ and may experience ascension symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, back discomfort. My back continues to crackle away ! – some say our spine is lengthening as part of the changes toward the crystalline body of the future. In fact, in Transparency, Penney mentions that she must stretch every two hours. I am finding the same and fortunately I find that my on-going gentle Yoga practice is of immense benefit as my spine changes. Remember, we are going to experience the evolution of the body in one lifetime! This is not just about the evolution of our consciousness – and we are the bridge.

What do you need, on any level, that you have not been getting? Is it love? One of my Qi-Gong teachers (California) said at every class he taught, in a soothing voice, “give yourself the love you need.” Love is the bridge to your future and to the future of planet Earth.

Love & Light,   Monica   www.monicahemstock.ca


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  1. Gillian April 12, 2018 at 11:15 am Reply

    “Waking Up In Waves” would be a great book title. What a lovely–and true–blog.

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