In my work in preventative health care as a healer, teacher and spiritual counselor, one of the things that I do at Awakening Spirit  is help people re-connect with their ‘inner child’.  I find that with many of my clients, and with myself also lately, that our inner child needs to come out to play more frequently.


Remember when we were little children?  We knew we were surrounded by a miraculous power.  We were full of joy and wonder and knew we were supported by the universe.   We played with the faeries, rode magical horses, waved our wands and KNEW without a doubt that everything was alive, beautiful and ONE.  And, so it is.

When I engage with a person’s inner child I am able to see that child clairvoyantly and also to use my other psychic gifts to gather information for the work ahead.   To get a sense of what wounds are still in need of healing and what joy and love and creativity may yet be unexpressed.

I am currently working with a client’s inner child.  He is lonely and sad.  He is 7 years old and had to grow up “and be a man” too soon.  He is also very shy, so I take my time with him as he gets to know that he is safe with me, that I love him, that his guardian angels have never left his side and that they never will.   As time goes on, he joins my own inner child in my secret garden, a magical place where we play on the swings.  It is usually, but not always, summer.  There is no time here, just a soft wind, a lovely stillness and the scent of flowers.

It is my hope, with this blog, that once a week, on Thursday ( because I am a Thursday’s child) we will skip down some path together, light-heartedly exploring and ready for fun.  Who knows what is ahead of us as we explore?  All I really know for sure as we begin this journey together is that it will be full of enchantment, because that is what the faeries told me.

Take my hand, if you wish to, or drag along behind or sometimes skip ahead.  Hop on and off the path if that suits your purpose.  Journey at your own pace.  Meanwhile, “Don’t let them tame you!” as Isadora Duncan once said.

See you next Thursday,                 Love & Blessings,  Monica




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