“There is only one rule on this Wild Playground… ‘Have fun, my dear; have fun.'”   Hafiz

“The truth is we are all one connected thing.”   Ellen De Generes

“Where would the Jedi be without the Dark Side?”   Jay Heinrichs


This past week besides writing and seeing clients I have taken the opportunity to listen to a series of free master classes, regarding abundance, given by world class teachers – many of whom went from rags to riches and were offering tips to claiming our birthright of abundance. While doing that, simultaneously, I have been closely following the kidnapping of over 2,300 children by the Trump administration (3D). I daydreamed about earning the money to some day be able to donate large amounts of money to causes that I believe in. I have been donating to causes for well over 40 years; however, these are small amounts. I dream of earning more so that I can share more. However, even small amounts donated by many can make a difference. I was heartened and inspired to hear last night that someone in California has started a GO FUND ME campaign on Facebook for these aforementioned kid’s (infants to teens) parents to be aided by American lawyers.(5D) They had raised 15 million dollars by last night to help these parents find their children who have been hidden (some in the Texas desert in tents) with currently no plans to re-unite them with their families.

It is enough for us to claim our abundance for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with wishing to be well fed and housed and clothed and to have excellent medical care and to not feel a need to have to worry about money. As light activators we often feel we have to justify charging for our services as if what we do is not a skill like any other. All our skills come from God/Source whether it is welding or talking to Angels. And, all of us are required to continually upgrade our skills and involve ourselves in continuing education whether we are scientists or life coaches. Yet, for people who self-identify as “spiritual” we often feel the need to be on the defensive about charging for our work. Why? Because most of us were nuns, priests, monks in many past lives and took oaths of poverty. As I have said before, Doreen Virtue and Archangel Michael cut all our cords to vows of poverty in all directions of time when I was training as an Angel Therapist(R). Doreen said to us to be willing to receive money for our services, if not for ourselves, for the many people we can help with that money, including family and friends. Including people who cannot afford legal aid.

I never thought a great deal about my personal relationship with money (part of abundance) until taking Doreen’s course. I was educated that it was impolite to discuss it. People were talked about as being “filthy rich” and money seemed like a taboo or dirty topic. Like so many other topics! And yet, within our Western culture – we require currency as our method of energy exchange. However, I was surprised at Doreen’s course to be encouraged to begin a dialogue with money. Really? I came to learn how to communicate with Angels not to communicate with money. Could I even do that? Actually, it was surprisingly simple. At that time I had little awareness about how I truly felt about money. It was an eye-opener, as was the entire course. I was surprised this past week while listening to the master classes on abundance that only one of the speakers that I listened to, Lloyd Burnett, recommended opening a dialogue with money in order to dis-cover your relationship to it. Like Doreen, I feel that this is the place you begin if you are claiming your abundance. Because, it is quite possible you hold beliefs about money that will push it away from you.

So, I am going to suggest that if you are interested you do Doreen’s exercise. Take out a five or ten dollar bill and put it in front of you and get a paper and pen. You may have done this before as this is the second time I have blogged this tip. Maybe your relationship with money has changed. How so?  Anyway, here are the questions to ask money. Be honest, only you are seeing the answers: (1) How do I really feel about you? (2) How do I treat you? (3) How can I have more of you? (4) What else would you like to tell me money?

How we make our money affects how we feel about it so Lloyd says to find out what lights us up? (Communicating with Angels (among other things) lights me up!) Lloyd says: “It could be being the next Adele or flipping hamburgers. What lights you up?” Some of us were taught that money is not easy to come by and that we must work hard at jobs we do not enjoy in order to get money. Some of us have feelings of shame around money. Working with the parts of ourselves needing love is a crucial aspect of creating an abundant life. It is never too early or too late to love everything about yourself the way God loves you. That is how Lloyd went from struggling to thriving. Lloyd built relationships with parts of himself that were terrified of money. This healing helped him allow money to flow into his life. He reminds us that we must always be curious when in ebbs of our ebbs and flows of money. Lloyd says in the ebbs to ask yourselves, “Where did this story come from?” and listen. If you try to manipulate money from your shadow side it will leave in order for you to figure things out.

What’s going on, in general, with your relationship to abundance? Are you conscious of the fact that there is no separation between the deeper work you came to do and your abundance? Abundance, as you know, is not only money – that is just one part of it – health, career satisfaction, relationships, friends, lifestyle are all involved. Lloyd says: “I don’t work that much. Money will always show up – I know there is ebb & flow.” Lloyd gave us his 3 main tips which I will share with you: “(1) Begin or deepen the relationship with all the fear-based parts of you and begin the healing journey. Hear their stories. (2) Put yourself around abundance in order to trigger you. You’ll notice your insecurities and fears. (3) Allow yourself to exacerbate the emotions within your ebbs – be curious – journal – talk out loud – let it explode. Dive into the abyss.”

Luci McMonagle is a mystic wealth coach. Luci is a single Mom who grew up on welfare and felt ashamed for envying the vegetable baby food she fed her child because to pay her rent and keep her child nourished she had to live on saltine crackers. Luci used gratitude ( a well-known practice I employ daily) to shift from hating money to loving money.  She was able to semi-retire at 30 years of age. Luci offers her well earned wisdom: “When you are for something, that’s what you manifest. When you are against something, that’s what you manifest.” Luci invites us to ask ourselves what our own markers of success are? Your definition of success may be very different from my markers of success. Luci says “all of us fail forward.” I love that! She says: “What are you learning from the areas where you are ‘failing.’ She says that she has learned to treat money as ” a loved and treasured friend.”

At times in our lives we are surrounded by toxicity. Luci sends “pink cotton balls of love, uses the Violet Flame (I wrote a blog on this), and blesses everyone she finds toxic.” She reminds us that we all have something to be grateful for and to start there. Then, hone your gifts and remember that stepping into your abundance is incremental. What does wealth feel like to you? To me, wealth means freedom and choices and the capacity to help others.

Luci tells us the 3 top reasons that many of us do not have the money we desire: (1)”You are unable to tap into your wealth potential because there is way too much stress in your life. (2) Most are cut off from their stream of wealth consciousness, which inhibits your stream of wealth. (3) You are out of alignment with your soul’s purpose. You are not laser focused on ways to monetize your soul purpose.”  As light activators we are here to spread our love & light in whatever way that gives us joy.

How to claim your birthright of abundance? Maya Angelou says: “God is my boo.”  (Thank & Grow Rich, by Pam Grout) When we strengthen our connection to Source and feel our Creator’s unconditional love we open up our hearts to the world and become a stronger container for God’s many gifts, material and otherwise.

I work with the Angels of Abundance and the Faeries. A strong relationship with the Angelic Realm and the Elemental Realm will open you up to the Creator’s abundance. So, if you are in Kingston and/or area – please spread the word that the new Angel course begins Tuesday,June 26th (127 Princess Street @ Metaphysics) and goes weekly for 5 weeks and the New Faery course (Nature Angels) begins Thursday, July 5th and goes weekly for 5 weeks. Due to a computer crash at Metaphysics (too much high energy? he he) the schedule has the incorrect dates.( Each class is $50 as my host receives a very fair hosting fee. Each class has guided meditations to meet your spirit helpers. ) Some people say to me “I cannot afford to attend.” I recommend you change the wording to “I choose not to attend.” Otherwise,  you are affirming ‘lack’ which keeps you in lack. The Universe gives us what we most affirm.

Angel Blessings coming your way!     Monica


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  1. Gillian June 21, 2018 at 2:20 pm Reply

    Good stuff! What does Maya Angelou mean by “God is my boo”?

    • Monica June 21, 2018 at 6:55 pm Reply

      From the context that Pam Grout uses her quote I understand it to mean that she is grateful that God is like her beloved, her best friend, her primary connection and an acknowledgment of the Cosmic Force that runs the planet.

  2. Gillian June 22, 2018 at 12:08 am Reply

    Thanks! I love Pam’s play on Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich.

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