We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technologies.”   E.O. Wilson

I have had quite a time over the last few weeks on both the outer and inner planes of existence. I will share some of this dear readers so that you will know that you are not alone if you too are experiencing ‘shifts’ and/or are being “fast-tracked” as my guides tell me that I am.

To make a longish story short, I performed a sacred ceremony, as guided, for myself and my family on July 7th and on the 15th I found myself going through a faery portal, although only partially aware of it due to my excitement and familiarity with this experience. Funny eh? Considering that an incarnated elemental said to me, “This is a faery portal.” LOL. Sound familiar? I have been through a few faery portals before, as you know, that is why I offer a Faery Workshop to my clients to connect them with faeries and why for a few years I held a Faery Festival in Kingston. I love faeries and elementals – some people think I am one! Now, as of July 15th I am working/playing with a new-to-me group of high frequency elementals who are here to help us and the planet with our ascension. One of the things they help me experience is how much less is more. I am also working with Ascension Archangels – some of them very familiar to me (for example Archs. Michael and Sandalphon, and Metatron)and others such as Archangel Lavender and Archangel Christiel and Mariel lesser known to me and now they are with me daily and augmenting and expanding on what I have learned over the years from the Archangels that we are familiar with from various religious and spiritual traditions. Such as Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Jophiel and the others that for a lack of a better word and a little humour I will call mainstream Angels!  Basically, the Angels that Doreen Virtue teaches us about in Angels 101. Don’t mistake my humour for a lack of respect! There is a lot of elemental in me (playfulness) and I blame it on the faeries!!

Other developments over the last year include a little more understanding of the insect kingdom due to the communication I relay with them through the Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, with whom I have a connection through my past life in ancient Babylonia, and whom is frequently underestimated and misunderstood. I have a new clairvoyant screen that is more holographic and telescopic than the screens of my past, there are more cherubs around me, more gnomes from Hollow Earth and my visions, dreams and astral travels are now reflecting my latest ‘upgrades’ for lack of a more sophisticated word. You get my drift. You will also realize why I am able to assist clients who find themselves suddenly transported to a new level – some even cite to me that the Bible did say, “My house has many Mansions”  Yes, many mansions and many paths and as the saying goes – although there are many paths to the top of the mountain, when we get there, the view is always the same!  Keep going!

Our planet is being infused with faster, lighter and more loving frequencies. A Course In Miracles says “God is closer to you then your own breath.” It is our ego (edging-God-out) that tells us otherwise – due to fear – and this makes us feel separate which although an illusion can be a powerful one! Most of us realize that we are living in what some call “the end times.”  However, all this refers to is the end of the Mayan calendar at the Cosmic Moment in December of 2012. We are at the end of the ‘old’ earth and at the beginning of the ‘new’ earth. The majority of our trusted New Age prophets tell us that by 2032 we will be at the beginning of the New Golden Era or as some call it the New Atlantis.  So, the next few decades may be ‘rocky’ so to speak as we bear witness to the dismantling of the ‘old’ to make way for the ‘new’. We are already experiencing this aren’t we? That the ‘old’ energy no longer works in the ‘new’ energy.  We see this in our personal lives and around the world. Things in the shadows are being brought to the light for healing and transmutation and transformation.

Since we become the product of our thoughts, let’s master them so that we can attain our enlightenment through gratitude rather than through suffering.

I am reminded of the story often told about the samurai-warrior who came to a Zen master and asked the Zen master to tell him about the nature of heaven and hell.  The Zen master said something like – ‘Why should I tell a big, fat slothful slob and a pathetic worm of a man like you about anything?’  The samurai, enraged, raised his sword to cut off the head of the Zen master.  As he did so the master said, ‘That is hell.’  The samurai immediately put down his sword realizing that he had been in darkness and filled with anger and resentment and hate to such a degree that he was willing to murder – he got this insight and in deep gratitude put his hands to his heart chakra to bow to the Zen master.  The master said, ‘That is heaven.’

Our inner mantra now dear readers is “How can I serve?” I always remind my students and clients to take excellent care of themselves on all levels. I remind them that how we treat our bodies is part of our spiritual practice and that we need to check in with ourselves regularly to see how we are caring for ourselves on all levels of our being. Do this for yourself and for the people who love you and for your part in the divine mission you came to offer at this critical phase on our planet. It may be that you are here to bless one person on their journey, we often are not aware of the exact mission – I think it was Kierkegaard (if I remember my philosophy class decades ago!) who said that we come with “sealed orders.” Whatever we came to do – each one of us helps the planet to attain the critical mass of love and light that will bring Heaven to earth.

From here on, I am assuming that you are considering becoming an ascended master or what Diana Cooper calls a “walking master “- an ascended master while still in the physical. Remember to take your time to consider as you have Free Will even though this is the period in earth’s history where we are all being offered the opportunity to ascend.  It is a choice.  Some of us will choose to stay in the old energy – every choice is as valid as the choice to ascend.  We have our own unique soul paths and there is service on every path that serves the ONE. The choice and full responsibility for the choice is ours alone.

Some of us may choose to become ‘undercover’ ascended masters and serve mostly on the inner planes while also spreading our love and light through the ascension qualities of forgiveness, kindness, compassion, peace etc. in our “medieval institutions”.  Sending angels to war-torn areas and places rocked by floods, fires, famines is great service – as is prayer for the planet. There are endless ways to serve depending on our gifts and inclinations. However we choose to serve the greater good we are raising our vibration which helps others as well as ourselves. Raising our vibration involves the Law of Purification which I have described elsewhere because it is difficult, if not impossible, to receive the messages from your Angels if your channels of perception are clogged due to an unhealthy lifestyle. When we spend more and more time in daily contact with our Higher Selves we become aware that we are unlimited beings and then everything becomes possible.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo  (author of ONE SPIRIT MEDICINE) is the type of person who must believe that anything is possible. He received the diagnosis of “you should be dead.” Thankfully, as a shaman, he made the decision when he received this diagnosis to “grow a new body.” He needed one!  At his lecture he told us that he “had parasites in his brain and his heart had holes in it.” Dr. Villoldo said that Western medicine was “good at killing bugs” but “that he needed to grow a new liver, heart and brain.” Dr. Villoldo says that many of us have become “toxic dumps” and due to our modern world we have things to deal with (mercury, lead and aluminum go through the placenta) that ancient shamans never had to deal with. If I understood Dr. Villoldo’s lecture correctly – he melds the world of the shaman with modern medicine and therefore is described in bios as a “medical anthropologist.” His lecture indicated that “the human being is endangered right now” by the “four old programmes of fear, feeding, fighting and predatory sexuality.” Dr. Villoldo, like many of us lightworkers, sees the problems of disease, break-ups, divorce, climate collapse etc as a “wake-up call” and reminds us that “crisis can be opportunity.” Let every obstacle or crisis on your path be fodder for your enlightenment. Dr. Villoldo reminds us that we spend much of our time hooked up to devices and reminds us that our daily choices make us either sicker or healthier.

Some individuals such as highly respected spiritual teacher and author, Eckhart Tolle, experience spontaneous enlightenment and are depicted as living in a permanent serene condition where they are immune to the suffering and frustrations of everyday life. However, I feel that for the majority of us while we may have our epiphanies and our fast-track upgrades – we are experiencing enlightenment as one thought, one feeling, one action at a time – as we awaken slowly and dis-cover that, for may of us, enlightenment is not a destination but a journey born of intention, focus, devotion and spiritual discipline that leads, ultimately and within Divine Order and Timing – beyond the ego and into the bliss of Source.

Dear Ones, you have the 100 tips regarding the Law of Attraction and if you have instituted even 50 of the 100 this past year of my writing – then you have changed dramatically. I suggest you review the tips before next week (just the tips themselves unless you want to read a full blog!) to begin implementing more of them.  Next week, I plan to start giving you tips to magnify your ability to attract your desires. To amplify your power to attract. These tips sometimes sound basic – they are – but implementing them – not so much!  I also intend to pull a group oracle card each week for you, and when guided also give you some info regarding whatever Angel or god or goddess or master is coming forward that week in my consciousness for you to see what resonates. As always take what resonates and assists you and discard anything else.  I will free flow but with a general plan and we will set forth on the next leg of our journey together.

Until then,  light and love,  Monica




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  1. Gillian July 27, 2016 at 8:59 pm Reply

    Monica, this feels like a very different blog from all the previous ones and yet “it’s all come together” so to speak. Quite an assumption there about becoming Ascended Masters (especially for those of us semi-undercover) but I’m very much looking forward to your tips. One tip per blog is fast enough for this undercover gal and, yeah, I think you’re an incarnated elemental and love the humour and playfulness that you bring to the work. Can’t wait for my first tip!

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