“Triggers are treasures.”   Elizabeth Wood  (Seer & Anthropologist)

“There is a lot of violence in the collective which we can all feel.”   Lauren Galey   (of Acoustic Health)

This blog today was inspired by listening to a conversation between Lauren Galey and Elizabeth Wood (both quoted above) and being guided by the Angels to revisit some of the work by Energy-Healer Vanna Stibal. So many of you are clearing fears now in an effort to uproot the causes of dis-ease.  We all know that there are only two states. Fear and love. If we are not in a state of love, we are in a state of fear.

Elizabeth Wood experienced a lot of trauma growing up, as is the case with the majority of us healers. For her, and her clients – she sees being triggered as a blessing rather than a curse. She helps people to uproot the fear/s by identifying how their body feels when it is triggered. She talks about the dualities that exist in the third dimension and also how half of the dimensions that exist also have dualities within them – that, I have found, is unusual – many seers and healers focus mostly on the dimensions where we no longer have to deal with duality. She seems to agree with my own views on this as to the fact that if these dualities exist – it must be important that they do. The Creator doesn’t have accidents. So, we need to uncover these fears created by duality and pull them out so that we can fall through the density of fear into the light of love. Elizabeth uses grief as as example. Many are experiencing loss right now. Where is loss in your body? Your back? neck? shoulders?  I have a client currently who has it in all those areas and is now clearing it. It needs to be cleared completely or it can grow back. Elizabeth reminds us that all this grief is not yours. A lot of it belongs to your ancestors (could go back thousands of years) and is in your DNA. The good news is that it can be cleared very quickly now post-solstice December 2020. It is important to take time to sit in stillness and really notice how your body feels when triggered so that you can drop through the grief, into the fear and eventually fall into Love.

A number of us Wayshowers are doing this not just for ourselves but for the collective. Elizabeth is one of these. She says that we have gone through a paradigm shift that can cause a mental breakdown in some and that her mysticism “saved” her. “Earth is spinning faster now than it ever has been in measurable history.” She has been spending a lot of time lately in a little village in Ecuador “hanging out in the ninth dimension feeling loved by God.” It helps of course that Ecuador is a heart-centered culture grounded in the Earth. The Valley where Elizabeth lives is the high-heart of the Earth’s Chakra System. For Elizabeth, like many of us, the huge clearings that she is doing on herself and for others has resulted in a lot of physical pain and anxiety coming up and out. The work of clearing generations of trauma – for herself and others – has shown her that “everything dark and dense is actually made of light.” As a Gatekeeper in embodiment, Elizabeth and her clients are processing in great leaps and bounds generations of pain and this trauma healing is resulting in “giant sweeps of consciousness.” The more you unravel the trauma, as we healers all know, the higher and higher you can go.

Turning trauma into wisdom is something I have been doing for myself and helping my clients with for the past 15 years on a conscious basis with the Angels as well as Reiki, Yoga, Matrix Energetics(R), New Russian Knowledge, and other healing modalities. Now, we are dis-covering the fact that post-solstice healing can be achieved very quickly when we allow it. The fact, Elizabeth says, that “there are people running a human hate programme – is not your fault.” This is an ancient programme and as a powerful lightworker – you can clear it.

When we have finished clearing (Elizabeth says she has not yet finished but is making great progress) we recognize our bodies as the Temples of Light that they are. Soul skill sets return and we remember even more powerful skills we once enjoyed. I am finding this to be true. I have now, in my personal practice as well as at Awakening Spirit, moved passed the stage of directing energy and now command it, something I was hithertofore very reluctant to do  (who am I to command energy?) – however – it is through the Creator and with Source that I have been given permission to do that, of course. And, so it is.

Patterns of fear programmes run in us all. We can uproot them and substitute new beliefs that serve us. Often when doing an Angel reading for a client, the client will ask a question and receive the answer, “you are safe.” They give me a questioning look! What does that mean the look says? It means fear is at the root of their question. It means their ego is tormenting them with fear and this is making them so stressed and so frightened that they find it close to impossible to relax.  This fear blocks the whispers of their Angels. The safety they seek can be found in their spirit and through Spirit. Sometimes the fear is the fear of taking charge of their life. Whatever the fear, the Angels will help, when asked.

Angel Blessings,   Monica

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  1. Gillian July 6, 2021 at 4:15 pm Reply

    I just Googled “earth spinning faster.” To quote Mr. Spock, “Fascinating.”

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