” I am cleansed of dark energies. I am Light, I am love, all is healed and forgiven.”   Carrie L’Esperance

“Enlightenment is a way of freeing oneself from ignorance in order to act, operate, and contribute as a Light in the world.”   Carrie L’Esperance

“Behold the Grail,” Merlin whispered. “The unfolding of your quest has led to a vision of the goal – the point of pure light, the diamond essence that burns within your soul.” The two knights knelt on the cold ground and prayed in their hearts to be worthy of the vision. Live in devotion to this moment,” said Merlin. “I have led you here out of your innermost desire, but now you must win the true Grail, not just its vision, for yourself.”   Deepak Chopra (The Way of the Wizard)


Thursday came quickly this week and if you have been with me since the very beginning of my blogging journey then you know I am Thursday’s child. Thursday’s child has far to go, as the old nursery poem says. I do not necessarily take that to mean physical journeys, although I love those, but rather the journey of spiritual evolution. The Angels today gave me the title of this blog and that was it! I had nothing planned this week for this blog and so I asked them for a title. Through my clairaudience I heard them whisper – “Trip the Light Fantastic.”

This whispered title by the Angels reminded me of the song by the English rock band Procol Harum and its 1967 hit song, A Whiter Shade of Pale. This song included a play on the phrase with “skip the light fandango” casting perhaps a different meaning to the phrase Milton used in his 1645 poem L’Allegro, which as an English major, I must reluctantly admit I do not remember! Of course, I will read it after posting this blog. So, you are with me today, on a stream of consciousness and also a stream of Light. I trust you, dear reader, with my consciousness, because I know if you are reading this – you trust me with yours – as we do the slow walk to self-mastery together. Easy does it!

So, like most every student these days I went and googled the phrase and Wikepedia says “to trip the light fantastic is to dance nimbly or lightly, or to move in a pattern to musical accompaniment.” Apparently, says Wikepedia, since 19o8 it has been viewed as a cliché or hackneyed phrase. Hmmmm. So, it said it was best to consider it a catena, “a more flexible and inclusive unit then the constituent and may therefore be better suited than the constituent to serve as the fundamental unit of “syntactic and morphosyntactic analysis.” Do I understand any of the foregoing? Sort of!  I am going to consider it, for the purposes of this blog, as a catena because I like the words “flexible and inclusive” and I know the Angels do too. I also like to dance nimbly and lightly, with goddess and faery queen, Oonagh, not so keen though about the word pattern, unless it is a Divine pattern – the path to the Holy Grail.

If I have established anything by the writing above I hope you can see I am in a light-hearted mood and I invite you to join me in that – and let your own stream of consciousness take you today where it may. Words are stepping stones and portals and may lead us down very different paths, perhaps even down the rabbit hole, and into hidden realms. Words are how we currently communicate. When we have all ascended we will use telepathy – a more Unified form of communication from the Field.

For me, to trip the Light fantastic currently means to get lighter and lighter as more deep layers peel away. Ascension is a process of working through identifications, labels, patterns, shadow aspects and continuing to ‘uplevel’ to higher and higher frequencies. The new way/s we perceive are shifting our individual consciousness and our group consciousness to a place where there is no suffering, because there is no fear. Use language to uplift you to higher frequencies and dimensions as you dis-cover your multidimensional selves. All ascending also involves descending because energy spirals. Do not buy into the belief that you are going backward when you find a period of descent that cleanses you at a deeper layer.

I am in another period of descent as I trip the Light fantastic. I believe that it is important to share this with you dear readers that a step back can lead to a step up. That is where I currently am.  However, this time I am 100 % aware that my descent will lead to ascent when I dis-cover another part of myself that is waiting to unfold or be born. Of course, I also have so many guides and Angels around me that I am aware of total support. That is why I do the work with the Angels that I do, because part of my mission is to help others on the path to become conscious of their own guardian Angels and guides. It can feel like a very lonely journey when we are unaware of their support as we may not have supportive family or friends around us due to the fact that folks are waking up on their own timelines not ours. Imagine how some of the new diamond children feel when they are born into firmly 3D families after ‘coming in’ 5D.

So, my current descent has been happening over the last 3 months as I cleanse at a deeper level a very traumatic memory from 13 years old in this lifetime that left me with a severe back injury. Interestingly, a fellow student in Doreen’s class, picked up on this injury when we practiced our medical intuitive skills on each other 12 years ago. She picked up my back injury as a young teen and I picked up on her brain injury in her early twenties. We had never met before so this was a nice confirmation of our respective intuitive skills on day 1 of Doreen’s course. So, while having cleansed this memory before, I have been going through a deeper cleanse on all levels regarding this (due to the fact that I have been experiencing back pain) and I have been getting treatments from a wonderful craniosacral therapist who is also very aware that we are on an ascension journey. Having been mostly free of ascension symptoms (unless you count all the past- life symptoms of the past few decades!!) – besides the back pain I have had unusual sensations in my entire spine as it crackles away! I am fully aware that I am becoming quantum so my body is changing and adjusting. Instead of the word “pain” I call it “adaptation sensations” as do many ascension teachers. I am telling you so you realize that there are ascent/descent components to this evolutionary change we are all going through. Our body is our vehicle for our process so remember to honour your body, talk to it daily and shift completely out of auto-pilot. All darkness must be integrated before transcendence. It is an inside job.

Not all of you will need to process a ton of past life experiences over the years as I have. I realize now that that was necessary so I would understand what many of my clients/students go through on the Temple Path. Also, I am an Akashic record reader. There is no substitute for experience and that is why at every workshop I give I facilitate a spiritual experience for my students with the Angels. However, do not underestimate the power of words to transmit and uplift. Higher frequency words can transport us into the ethers and low frequency words can depress our immune system. That is one reason why I have written many blogs about your language and affirmations and also why I avoid being around people who swear (as much as possible) because keeping our immune system strong is a crucial part of self-care and self-love.

So, what is revealing itself to me now during this most recent combination ascent/descent time? I am aware of not needing an identity.  Perhaps I have always been that way, in some regard, as I have been aware of myself as soul as long as I can remember – which is back to the crib. However, in my work life – I have felt, up until the recent past –  that I needed to be able to have an identity of some sort  (Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Life-Writing Instructor, Angel Therapist(R)) in order to be able to contribute and to serve the Light. I have let go of that b.s. (belief system). I can let others label me if it helps me to share my light or to avail them of my skills. As a being of Light I have no identity. I shine. I trip the Light fantastic. Whatever that means for me. What does that mean for you?

Angel Blessings,   Monica   www.monicahemstock.ca





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  1. Gillian March 29, 2018 at 4:14 pm Reply

    For me, tripping the light fantastic is about “Me and Mamie O’Rourke…on the sidewalks of New York” ha! Of the being doing and having triad, I like being best. Good blog.

    • Monica March 29, 2018 at 5:45 pm Reply

      Thanks for sharing! Yes, the triad is one of separation in our 3D physical world. The guides tell me that when we ascend there is no triad because there is no separation. “Having, doing and being are ONE.”

  2. Gillian March 31, 2018 at 1:54 am Reply

    Ooh, sounds great 🙂

  3. Joanne Fitzgibbon April 1, 2018 at 11:17 am Reply

    Monica, you are in my thoughts today and I am reflecting on a wonderful afternoon that we spent together in June. Let there be lightness where needed. Joanne

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