“2021 is a direct reaction to what happened in 2020.”   Teal Swan

“2021 will feel dystopian for awhile.”   Teal Swan

It is the Age of Aquarius. Birth tends to be quite painful.”   Teal Swan

As an Intuitive, I knew the events that unfolded the last few days in the U.S. were coming, of course. However, it was not my psychic abilities alone but rather a combination of knowing some history, knowing a few things about human nature, knowing a fair amount about psychological pathology (I was a Psychiatric Nurse in my past), knowing a bit about politics, being the daughter of a WW11 Spitfire Pilot and an Air Raid Warden – but mostly having lived almost seven decades of life – and paying attention. Paying attention and being truthful and resilient will get us through the competing crises of this transitional time. Come on… we all knew this was coming though didn’t we? The red flags were flying high. Please read my blog called Democrats Stayed Home which I posted on November 10, 2016, after the electors chose Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States.

We are watching democracy under attack, however, this has been brewing a really long time. What has been brewing in your life for a long time? Or what was brewing in your past that you didn’t see – because you didn’t want to see it? If we are honest, there is not one of us that cannot dredge up something from our past that we either chose consciously to ignore or we repressed because it was as Al Gore says “an inconvenient truth.” While Trump is the one primarily responsible for the attempted violent overthrow of a democratic election – he had a lot of help! That is in no way meant to excuse him but rather to acknowledge that no one person can do these things alone. I remember standing in the kitchen with my mother during the late 50s or early 60s while she was cooking dinner. I can see it like it was yesterday (we are all living past, present and future right now). I look about 9 years old. I said to her – “but how did Hitler do it? How did one man do all that?”  I don’t remember the exact answer, but, I do remember part of her answer was that bad things happen when good people remain silent. Speaking our truth is more than a platitude to be bandied about.

Speaking our truth requires courage. There will always be others who not only disagree with us, but may be moved to violence against us because they cannot, in their fear, hear our truth without a threat to their own 3D identity that they wish to keep at all costs. We have all been raised to protect our identity and that is why we lightworkers are working so hard to rise up above and beyond this artificial construction and live a 5D life. However, to get there – we don’t stick our heads in the sand like an ostrich and pretend we don’t see what we see. My work at Awakening Spirit involves helping clients to recognize the red flags in their own behaviour as well as that of others so they cannot only create their own peaceful future but also predict their own results based upon the truths of the life paths they are choosing to fuel. Of course, in my practice, this is always guided by Angels who only act according to Divine Will. They cannot do otherwise. We can choose. Donald Trump and his many enablers have Free Will. As do we all.

I have spoken of Teal Swan before. I opened quoting her. She is a very controversial American spiritual leader. She is accused of being a cult leader which she vehemently denies; however, says Wikipedia, she says that although that could potentially apply to her due to her status (not her words) it is “ethics” that separates her from being a cult leader. I have listened to Teal speak a few times. She shares her story of being handed over by her parents to a cult leader of some religion (I don’t remember which) as a young child. She was horribly abused. The fact she eventually escaped as a young woman and can articulate her beliefs and views is a miracle! Teal is extremely resilient. She also says that these times require us to be resilient in every way. Sounds like truth to me.

So you are wondering – where am I going with this? Thinking of Teal who was handed over as a young child to a cult leader reminds me of America ( a young country)  who handed itself over to a cult leader. As I watched the events unfold, as did Trump – on television, I was reminded of a recent Canadian news story also on television. CTV news. That same day or was it the day before? – it is all blending together – we heard of a community somewhere in Quebec where neighbours heard a child screaming all day. They did nothing. They said nothing. When somehow someone must have finally called 911 – she had been beaten to death. It had taken all day of no one speaking up about red flags. I am sad about what is going on in America – but these adults are choosing this. I am haunted by the screams of that 7 year old that adults chose not to hear. And, that is why what is going on in America is going on. When good people do not speak truth to power – democracy remains under attack – and could eventually disappear. Like the little girl.

Democracies are fragile. We need to help them along. We take them for granted, just like we take for granted that parents under the strain of Covid will be able to take care of their children without losing it. Is that what happened in that community in Quebec? The strain of lockdown and isolation and financial troubles and… led to a parent losing it? I don’t know. But, I do know that we are “our brother’s keeper” and our brother is sick. Why did not one person call the police?  One man interviewed said: “I heard the screams all day and thought about calling the police.” That is a sick community and of course there are many – all over the world. We can’t heal sickness by pretending that we don’t see it or that it does not exist.

Teal Swan believes that we are more empowered by living in reality. I do to. Of course, unfortunately, one person’s reality nowadays is another’s “fake news.” But as Teal points out and as we all know – birth is very painful. We need truth and we need resilience. Lightworkers have both. Teal asks us to ask ourselves: “Where have we not been or are not resilient?”  She says if our lifestyle has been built on debt – it is not resilient. She gives us all the areas to evaluate for resilience: relationships, business, mentality, emotional and mental health, environment, physical health. And others. It is good use of time to evaluate where in our lives are we not resilient and start to fund them. She says: “To create lasting resilience you need to withstand adversity and adapt to adversity.” Remember that adapting does not mean ignorance or funding.

We know that 2021 brings power grabs all over the place. You don’t need to be psychic to see this. We lightworkers fund the power to, not power over. Power to summon the courage to continue to live according to our own values. Power to take an active role in our own health and lives and also to help wherever we are able to -while speaking our truth and maintaining our integrity. Teal says: “We must be what we want to see. We must be the light.” We can pay attention and shift our intention in ways that help our communities and the world.

What can one person do?  Everything. Together. We are the Field. What are we broadcasting? Earth itself has more than one potential life path, just as we do.  It is not written in stone.  Choose carefully.

Love and Light,   Monica











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  1. Gillian January 9, 2021 at 2:02 pm Reply

    Excellent blog. Sadly, the one time I felt moved to call police (Collingwood, Ontario) because I saw a man slam his little boy into the side of his car before shoving him into that car, I was treated like the weird one. Blown off. Minimized and dismissed. And that’s when you’re a middle aged white Canadian woman! I have no trust of police officers and, yet, “Who ya gonna call?” Not the Pentagon if the American Capitol is under siege. Not police if you’re a victim of domestic violence. This post triggered my soapbox 🙂

    • Monica January 9, 2021 at 3:10 pm Reply

      Thanks for sharing your experience, much appreciated. As is your continuing support.
      My experience with police has been different. It was in Victoria, B.C. and I reported a little boy asking for help from the backseat of a car. he looked terrified and it was my daughter, who was a child then, who drew my attention to him. We took the licence plate and phoned the police. A kind policeman came to my home to interview myself and my daughter and got on it right away. He updated me a few days later. They had located the boy – he had been abducted – and he was returned to his mother. This was in Victoria, B.C. in the 90s. I hope this gives you hope that they are out there!

  2. Gillian January 9, 2021 at 3:40 pm Reply

    I’d love to hear more good stories from Monica’s Readers! I have only 3 stories and they’re all bad ones–two Toronto and one Collingwood. A friend who is shocked by the idea of Defund the Police asked–clearly expecting a “no” answer–if I’d ever had a bad experience, so I told her, “of course.” I, too, had the license plate of the man I called about. Now, this was the early 90s and the Collingwood Police were under investigation at the time. Hopefully, they’ve cleaned up their act. I’m imagining a time when we have a team of people to call on–perhaps one of that team should even be a police officer–for most incidents. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

  3. Gillian January 9, 2021 at 3:53 pm Reply

    Just went back and re-read November 10, 2016 blog! Recommend Monica’s Readers do the same. Four years and the bar just keeps dropping with this man.

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