Are you feeling bored or ‘stuck’?  Could it be that you are doing the same things over and over again and feel like you are in that movie “Groundhog Day”?  If so, it is time to try something new.  The key to being excited about life is curiosity and being open to trying new things.  This is the message that the angels often give to my clients.  Trying something new can help you to shift your energy, move out of your comfort zone and add zest to your life.

When I think about my family members and friends, past and present, who are examples of people living with a sense of purpose and passion, I observe a similar trait.  A childlike (not childish, childlike) sense of curiosity , awe and wonder about life itself.  For me, my grandfather was one of my role models for curiosity.  Even though he spent all but the first twelve years of his long life in the same location – he discovered new things to be excited about each day.  Walking beside him was an adventure, as even a new four leaf clover in a field he had walked for decades filled him with appreciation.  A new silo on the landscape made him wonder and a new person in his life was always welcomed.  Some of us, though, need to actually change our routines and/or rituals and take a definite step outside of our familiar environments in order to re-ignite the flame within and rekindle that sense of passion about the journey of life itself.  We need, I believe, to let go of attachment to outcome and also our insistence on perfection.  Some of us need to dare to fail at something and some of us need to dare to succeed at something and some of us need to allow ourselves to be average at something.  It is ALL good in the end.

So, try something new.  Have you always wanted to learn another language, or try a new sport or hobby or learn to play a musical instrument?  NOW is the perfect time.  Are you fascinated by animals, science, Egyptian history or metaphysics?  NOW is the perfect time to start a special project or attend a course that satisfies your curiosity.  If you are resistant to change (as most of us are) you will come up with a million reasons why this is not possible right now.  For example, “I don’t have money to take music lessons.  I can’t afford it.”  First of all, NEVER affirm that you don’t have money (even if this is technically true) Affirming a lack of anything is a negative prayer and the universe responds.  If, at present, you do not have the money in hand, then you could barter.  You can exchange skills.  In the past I taught Reiki to a woman in return for shiatsu treatments.  Check community boards and let your friends and acquaintances know what you want to learn and what you want to teach and watch the magic happen!  At present, I do not have a car.  So, I take free classes online on subjects out of my areas of expertise.  I am having so much FUN with this!  Once you commit to doing something new, you will come up with creative solutions.  Thinking outside the box expands our consciousness.

If you find that you don’t like the new class or activity, then give yourself permission to stop and try something else.  As adults we sometimes feel that we must finish what we begin if we have been raised that way and never questioned it.  Quit and join something else.  Choose again.  However, you’ll never know what shift could occur if you never take a chance or leap of faith.  Maybe you find out that you have no ear for languages or aren’t the best singer in the world but you make a really interesting new friend or a new romantic partner.  Sometimes when the angels guide us to a class or place we have never been it is not for the class or subject matter but instead it is to connect with someone  who connects us to someone else who helps us find a new job or career.  Prayers are often answered this way.  Source works through people as well as angels and guides!  Things are rarely what they seem on the surface.  Be adventurous!  Especially if you usually are not.  Shake things up a bit and old habits and patterns begin to lose their grip on you.

Pema Chodron sees our seriousness about everything as an impediment to our curiosity.  “There’s no sense of appreciation because we’re so solemn about everything… Curiosity encourages cheering up.  So does simply remembering to do something different.  We are so locked into this sense of burden – Big Deal Joy & Big Deal Unhappiness – that it’s sometimes helpful just to change the pattern.  Anything out of the ordinary will help. ” (COMFORTABLE WITH UNCERTAINTY)  I agree with Pema.  Switch it up!  When my daughter was thirteen she attended a summer two week day camp called Switch Band.  She played the flute which was an instrument that had interested her from the age of three and she had been playing it for six years.  However, each participant was told they had to choose a new instrument and that in 2 weeks they would perform a concert in the local park bandstand.  My daughter chose the saxophone.  This was a great experience for her and for every other participant.  There were a lot of tears in the audience as each one of them did the best they could on an instrument they had only picked up two weeks before.  Looking back today on this experience I admire her teachers so much for encouraging children to always expand rather than contract.

Let us be as little children again and try something new.  Dare to fall, get up, fall and try again.  It makes us more understanding and compassionate toward ourselves and others when we do this.  As adults we tend to think of ourselves as fully finished, yet, deep within we KNOW we are beautiful works of art in progress engaged in not just lifelong learning, but lives -long learning.  So, try something new.  You’ll be glad that you did.

Love & Light,    Monica

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  1. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 2:51 pm Reply

    Good advice again, Monica. Thanks.

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