“Twin flame unions can rock the world.”   Amanda Ellis

“In truth, it’s entirely possible what many people experience is not meeting the other half of their soul, but rather a psychological state called Limerence.”   Manj Bahra

We are living in times where twin flames are coming together for a service purpose. While a twin flame is a romantic partner – the purpose of coming together is for a ‘double mission’. Sometimes that mission is procreating and raising a child that is needed in the future. Or it might be a business or charity, a project or a book. However, whatever the double mission is – that is the reason behind twin flame unions. It is service.

A twin flame is a romantic partner who originated from our spiritual soul group and is “the one” in terms of soul-mate relationships. Some New Agers describe it as “soul-mates on steroids.” The attraction is intense and life is never the same again. It is also a very unconventional relationship and so Christina Lopez (who lives with her twin flame ) says “if you are looking for the white picket fence life – then you are in for a rude awakening.” Twin flames come to redefine life and therefore they may marry, get that house and even the fence – however – it will be very unconventional at times.

Twin flames often incarnate together during their last lifetime on Earth.  This is after the reincarnation cycle has been completed and all karma is balanced. Generally, before that time – twin flames usually do not incarnate together but rather volunteer to function as the other’s spirit guide from the Other Side and they help with every area of our life including romance with a soulmate. Famous twin flames are Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

At present Gateways are starting to open to let twin flames through. Some of us are putting up blocks so we don’t rock the status quo. These blocks can include alcohol or drug addictions, too much work, too much exercise and other addictions. In the past, we may have wanted to be together but karmic relationships were an obstacle. Karma must be balanced in order to come together.

The soulmate connection is a strong, often romantic bond between two people. A soulmate connection is frequently the person you choose to live with and/or marry. The person whose shoulder you can cry on. However, while you may choose to do something together it is not with the intensity or mirroring of the twin flame relationship. The twin flame union is much stronger. It is like the other is a mirror of your own soul. The intensity and purpose sets it apart from the soulmate connection. It is a fast-track to evolution as karma is burned away and is often a feet-to-the-fire experience of transformation that has periods of coming toward each other, pulling away from the intensity and then coming together again. It may be years before twin flames actually come together physically. This is due to the fact that inevitably the twin flame union changes the status quo and has the potential to be both constructive and destructive. However, the essential to remember is that each individual involved experiences wholeness before this union occurs. It is not a “I can’t live without you energy.”  On the contrary, while deeply deeply bonded – twin flames can live without each other – and often have to for many many reasons.

Lopez reminds us that “the connection repels attachment so grasping doesn’t work.  It is living love without attachment.” She intelligently reminds us to release the labels of twin flames and soulmates. Because, at 3D level we perceive individuals as not One. Lopez says that as soon as we label we put someone on a pedestal and then “only you can make me happy” is the result. “The twin flame connection requires lightness of being.” Any attachment, as we all know, is born of the ego. ‘My life cannot be full without you’ is typically the ego talking.  Of course, as Lopez reminds us: “language is a tool of the ego. Without language and our stories – we experience our energetic connections. ” There is no clinging in a twin flame union.

As you are likely aware, yesterday Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Supreme Court of the United States) transitioned to the Other Side. A feminist and legal icon she was also a twin flame. How do I know? I just asked Archangel Chamuel. This does not surprise me in the least. Her beloved husband, Marty, also a lawyer, was a remarkable highly evolved man of his time. He was unwavering in his support of Justice Ginsberg’s career at a time when the majority of his peers were largely supporting the belief that women should be kept silent, barefoot and in the kitchen as was one theme in the 50s. When her husband crossed over, Justice Ginsberg went back to work the very next day. This was stunning to many but she said, “Marty would want me too.” Yes, because as twin souls they had a double mission, they were both ‘whole’ and they also knew as all twin flames do that they would never really be parted – the energetic connection and telepathy continues beyond physical death. Interestingly, yesterday was also Jewish New Year. A CNN report said that Ginsberg had said about her journey: “I had three strikes against me. I was a woman, a mother, and a Jew.” Fortunately her twin flame was an unwavering and genuine ally.

The twin flame vibration is very very high. However, there are many different high vibrations. They are not all the same. So, if being part of a twin flame connection during this lifetime is not in your soul contract (which was written before your incarnation and back to the beginning of Time), then do not think you cannot have a beautiful awakening experience. You certainly can! You can also definitely find love. Although twin flames are finding each other now and even more so as we go forward into the future – it takes immense courage to prepare for the authentic twin flame connection. Both individuals, as I have said, must be whole on their own before coming together. They must both be fully willing to let go of the past which can mean years of inner work and sleepless nights. When the divine masculine and the divine feminine come together they experience sacred sexuality. Spiritual teacher Amanda Ellis says that “the divine masculine energy has to come to the divine feminine  energy – that’s just how it is.” However, the divine feminine knows her worth and only accepts and holds what She is aligned with and can come near.  If She feels aligned and connected though – She can reach out to her twin flame in dream time and on the astral plane. Many are currently doing this. I will describe ways of calling in your twin flame before I end this piece today.

If you are in a twin flame connection and the other dies and you are left alone in the physical realm – you will know that the connection always remains. They will always be your twin flame. However, you may go on to have another new partner and this can be a very loving and rewarding relationship – nevertheless as Amanda Ellis notes – “twin flames still remain each other’s King and Queen.” Your twin flame will always support you on the Other Side even in finding a new loving partner. Your communication doesn’t end.

Some people do block out the potential of this connection due to many factors mostly centered around not wanting to rock the boat. For example, they may be with another and/or they may be unconscious regarding the connection. They may not want to do the hard inner work. However, if the divine feminine is ready she can call in her twin flame and Ellis tells us that the divine masculine will shapeshift into who He needs to be – bringing back aspects from previous lives – which you innately recognize them from.

In my fifteen year practice at Awakening Spirit and during a six month period where I travelled with a group of other psychics around Ontario – I came across people who are genuinely destined to come together with (or have met and are living with) their twin flames. I also met a few who were seemingly suffering with an obsession about one person they felt they had to be with. They thought a certain person was their soulmate or twin flame but it appeared and felt to me to be like what Manj Bahra describes in his article Are Twin Flames Real or Justified Obsession?: An unbiased look at the most popular theory of soulmates. Whether Bahra is indeed unbiased or not I do not know as I don’t know him or anything about him. However, the Angels did lead me to his article and to a term of which until today I was unaware. The term is limerence.

Limerence is a psychological state Bahra says was first introduced in the 1960s by psychologist Dorothy Tennov in her book Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love.  Tennov describes it as “the cognitive and emotional state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, that is involuntary and characterized by a desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings. ” Bahra lists the five key characteristics of this condition: “(1) Obsessively thinking about another person leading to the inability to focus on other daily activities without drawing relevance to them. (2) A primary desire for reciprocation of feelings rather than a sexual relationship or intimacy (3) A focus on winning the person over rather than on their happiness or welfare. (4) Compulsively reading into the person’s behaviours and drawing conclusions. (5) Refusing to take no for an answer, including viewing rejection as a challenge to overcome (nothing can dissuade them). Tennov felt, says Bahra, that anyone who has not themselves experienced limerence would find it absurd and be unable to believe it is real.

Since the Angels guided me to the above article by Bahra – they obviously wish us to at least be aware of it and likely as with everything – knowing the theory is likely to be helpful in one way or another down the road if not currently. Limerence is considered, apparently, to be the cynical view of the twin flame connection which some people feel is bogus. However, that could always be ‘sour grapes’ too. Jealousy is a common 3D emotion.  I believe the twin flame connection is divine and ‘real’ and yet I also believe that not everyone who believes they are in a twin flame connection actually is.  I have seen suffering from obsession. We can grow and evolve through perhaps understanding if not experiencing limerence. From being a teenager in the 60s I think women were set up for limerence – we were certainly encouraged to sit by the telephone waiting for ‘the one’ to call. Enjoy all your relationships, grow from and within them and whether you are female or male – your life can be beautiful without ever meeting your twin flame in this lifetime.

All that being said. I was taught, as a metaphysical teacher, how to tell you how to ‘call in’ your twin flame should you wish to. Your twin flame has never, truly, been separate, 3D sees only duality. So, to help you feel your soul merge with your twin flame across space:

(1) Use your Free Will. Set your intention. Invite your twin flame into your life.

(2) You are already with them. Tap into the connection between your sacred hearts after grounding into your own soul.

(3) Remember to cleanse all of your chakras and balance them. Raise your vibration to its highest level.

(4) Imagine yourselves together. See it. Feel it. Dream it.

(5) While you are in the waiting phase – follow your bliss – expect the connection and remain in your power!

You could also write a letter to your twin flame’s guardian Angels!

Living intensely in the moment is always our best practice but for attracting our twin flame it is essential.  I believe, as do many other spiritual teachers, including internationally-known teacher Amanda Ellis (UK) – that this union will occur if we are meant to unite in this lifetime. It is a mix, I believe, of Free Will and Destiny. As Amanda says: “Trust life.”

Above all, do not fret about whether or not you are or ever will be physically with your twin flame. Some of you will not understand why you came together while you are alive. Although you may not be consciously aware of it – you are never actually separate. Your twin flame is with you. Do know though that the connection is not prevented by background, age, gender, or location and can occur anytime.  You may be in your 20s and be living with your twin flame. Or you may be 60 or 70 0r 80 and realize you are with your twin flame or that your twin flame is coming because you are calling them in and/or you have a double mission.  Ultimately, no one but you knows for sure. With or without your twin flame physically present – the connection is a miraculous one.

Love & Light,   Monica   ps. This blog was approved, before posting, by Archangel Metatron, which I feel was necessary.


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  1. Gillian September 19, 2020 at 4:52 pm Reply

    Wow, what an interesting post! I’m fascinated that you were guided to write about twin flames at this tumultuous time and would love to hear from other Readers about their twin flame experiences/thoughts.

    • Monica September 26, 2020 at 10:14 am Reply

      Thank you Gillian.

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