“…plant spirit medicine is low tech; it produces healing purely through good relationship with the natural world… the world cannot support the extraction of resources; production of heat; and contamination of  air, water, and soil necessary to build machines and keep them running.”   Eliot Cowan  (Plant Spirit Medicine)

“This unprecedented crisis is of our own making.”   Lisa LaFlamme (CTV News)

I am sure you will all know about the recent U.N. report; however, the Angels are guiding me to write about it today. Maybe because I took notes while listening to the alarm being raised on both CBC and CTV news these last few weeks.

Apparently 145 authors from 50 countries worked on this report. Scientists say one million species of plants and animals are in danger of extinction. Preservation is crucial and governments need to take action. Representatives of 109 nations signed off on this report. It is the first comprehensive biodiversity report.

75 % of our planet has been altered. 85 % of wetlands have been decimated between 1700-2000. Human activity is destroying the planet. Things such as hunting, fishing, invasive species  – has had an enormous effect. In Kingston, we only have had to have watched carp jumping over the street downtown and settling in puddles on the lawns during our most recent flood a few years ago. The hope is, that the public will get involved. “They” are saying we have 12 years left to turn things around. Thankfully the report included lots of recommendations.

We have known this was happening for a very long time. I was aware of this as a teen in the 60s when my father read Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring.  A few years ago I met a ninety-four year old woman in Toronto on the subway who was passing out “Rachel Carson was right,” buttons. She was doing everything in her power to spread the word. Humanity has been destroying animal habitats and is killing off almost everything on earth say the scientists.

Our voracious appetite to consume is credited with the fact that humanity is destroying this beautiful planet. Everything is dying off – plants, animals, insects, fish. Because of this, the report says that the economy, environment and world peace is threatened.

Nature is in its worst shape in human history our scientists tell us.  There are 400 “dead zones”. Parts of the Middle-East and Australia are getting too hot for humans to live there – they will need to find somewhere else to live. 33%of the coral reefs are at risk of dying and can only be reversed with substantial change. Arctic ice is melting – sadly – Pompeo  – the Secretary of State in the U.S. says this is positive because “melting ice means opening sea trade lanes.” So he says this is “a good thing.”

The U.N. says it is not a good thing. The pillaging of our planet must stop. We are close to the tipping point, but, the good news is – we have a window open to reverse the damage. The report has many suggestions – one being to set aside large areas of land. Canadians can support politicians and policies that move us away from fossil fuels. We created the problem. We can fix it – but time is running out.

Pepper Lewis channels Gaia and the animal kingdom: “What concerns us most as a kingdom? The longevity of certain species, the departure of some of our companions, the encroaching of humanity in habitats that are precious and already few, and the lack of awareness with which our game animals are seized and thought of as wholesale commodities… We know that you are concerned about our ocean-dwelling friends, and with good reason. Their goodwill toward humanity has not been met with much kindness in return. You marvel at the oceans, their depth, beauty, and color, and the myriad life-forms found within it, but you take its permanence for granted, and that permanence may change. Levels of awareness within each species allow them to make collective choices within that awareness… The continued presence of certain species …is not assured… There is confusion within even the most sentient of species, and the choice to withdraw en masse is being debated at an energetic level… It is our hope that humanity’s continued pattern of awakening will elicit the care and concern this subject deserves, for alone we can do nothing.”    (Transition Now)

Let’s only vote for those politicians at every level that take this matter to heart.

Love & Light,    Monica


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  1. Gillian May 16, 2019 at 4:58 pm Reply

    A timely and important message! Maybe some of Monica’s readers would like to look into the Green New Deal for Canada. Go to SumOfUs.org and see if there’s a meeting near you sometime next week 🙂 Or host one! Canada is warming twice as fast as other nations–but we can turn this around! Thanks, Monica for this post.

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