“Let go of everything that you once thought you knew. Be ready to relearn everything through higher states of reality.”  Lisa T. Brown

“Judgement is the most dis-empowering energy.”   Lisa T. Brown

Ascension begins with a conscious choice to engage in the unknown.”   Sandra Walters

Last week I mentioned that a key theme for the energies of 2020 is inflammation. Sadly, the Australian fires are an example of this. At the beginning of the week it was reported that 24 people had died in the fires and a staggering one billion animals are estimated dead and the number of kangaroos, koalas, and others killed is said to be skyrocketing. As an animal lover, I find this truly heartbreaking. The only way my heart can handle it is to remind myself that these animals, like us, volunteered to come at this time and to leave at this time. Faith. I send the sunshine yellow dragons I talked of last week to save those that can be saved and to take the souls of the dying to the Light.

We are seeing that egos are inflamed all over the place. This is a historic year and we know it is a turning point with regard to the New Earth. We are also conscious of the fact that we are entering into uncharted territory. Timelines collapsing, timelines beginning. We are starting to feel everything as our hearts are opening up completely. We are leaving, as Lisa Brown says, the old earth of man-made reality for the new earth of soul-made reality. We need to feel into it, as Lisa describes that in 5D “beauty is a feeling and anything can incite it.” We need to become as a little child as Christ recommended (a child has a wide open heart)  in order to achieve the Christed-consciousness state of love and compassion that is New Earth. We are leaving behind a reality that no longer supports humanity. The only way we know at present to avoid the state of resistance is to surrender and trust in order to enter the flow.

Tomorrow is a lunar eclipse. We move into new energies of intensity and dynamism as we simultaneously send out our positive intentions. Pam Gregory (astrologer) sees in the stars the revelation of even more corruption as the groupings of the planets are the same as they were in 1285.

Many of us are developing our crystalline bodies. Some say this has been happening for adults since about 2018 – although children are being born with them already in place. We are reminded of the many layers in our auric field: etheric double, astral body, mental body, causal body, emotional body, spiritual body and on and on…   Yogis teach this. The last layer before the seal is where the crystalline layer is absent in some, now developing in many of us and to be developed in others and these energy patterns are already present in the new kids.

The process of energetically developing our crystalline body is a process of consciousness.  Therefore, no one does this for us.  We evolve. Good intentions can activate it. Obviously, although the process cannot be done for us, we have access to many incarnate and ethereal helpers as we awaken and as we awaken others. We are all moving into uncharted territory.

Many are choosing divine self-expression through activism. Jane Fonda is a well-known and longtime activist responding to what she calls young people’s “extinction illness.”  She created Fire Drill Fridays and is now being supported in this by Greenpeace as it is getting so large. Jane and Gloria Steinem are on the front lines and have been in handcuffs more than once. Jane says: “we have used every lever of democracy and now have to do civil disobedience.” She and Gloria are using their celebrity to bring attention to the threats to the survival of our planet. She gives tips for jail (although she readily says a white celebrity is treated very differently from any non-celebrity person of colour) that includes dressing in layers so you keep warm and can use something as a pillow for your head.

In the new world ‘being’ not ‘doing’ is our purpose. Being means empowered from the inside.  Guarding our identity is a huge block to this. Most of us have difficulty detaching from some aspect of identity.  What aspect of identity are you finding difficult to let go of?  I suggest journaling about it.

If you are stepping into completely uncharted territory you may be experiencing ascension symptoms related to the development of your crystalline body. My guides are asking me to list them – although – I have done this in a previous blog but maybe not in this context. Some are:

*Constantly ringing ears. “Take it as a vibrational imprint for it simply means that you are vibrating in harmony with a new alternate reality which is very close to yours.”  (Celia Fenn)

*Gritty itchy eyes and blurred vision. I am experiencing this one now. Dry eyes and blurred vision. I am well aware that my eyes are changing as I am changing – however – I am due for my annual eye exam and will attend that.

*Disorientation. This is related to loss of identity.

*Feeling out-of-body.  Our physical body is the last of our layers to catch up!  (Sandra Walters)

*Sudden changes of friends, habits, activities, residences, jobs, as the Law of Attraction brings you what resonates with your frequency. This all relates to me now. I have also been through this a few times in the past.

*Waking up between 2 & 4 a.m.  I am no longer doing this, but, it happened in the past. It means you need a break from intense dream states.  Also, my guides tell me that the ‘new’ you may not require as much sleep as before.

*Depression, anxiety, panic, feelings of hysteria. These are related to the changes within and without as both you and the planet changes. We worry about everything that seems out of our ordinary experience or routine. That is 3D programming leaving.

*Unusual aches and pains. Many people my age will interpret these as ‘old age’ because we have been programmed that way!

*Heart pain & palpitations. Obviously – see your doctor – however, our hearts are opening and trying to accommodate a much higher frequency.  Rest and relaxation crucial.

*Lethargy. I have gone through that in the past. Detoxifying and transmuting can be exhausting.

*Emotional & Weepy.  You are releasing.  Good.  Let it go!

*Night sweats & hot flashes. (Even for women not experiencing menopause)

*Intense feelings of being cold. Add layers, warm baths.  (Sandra Walters)

*Dizziness & loss of balance.  I just experienced this a few days ago.  A shift.  Our Merkabah, our transportation vehicle, many describe as a 6D cube that rotates and spins. Sit and take a break. It doesn’t last long. I have had this one many many times in the past as well.

*Memory loss &/or difficulty accessing words.  3D folks will tell you it is old age or a dis-ease (if you are my age) but those on the 5D pathway will laugh about this now, most of us, as we know, are going back and forth between dimensions and are therefore out of alignment with linear time. Remember, say my guides, that there are many dimensions where we don’t use words aloud or words at all to communicate. Often now we are between worlds so-to-speak.

*Can’t remember what you ate yesterday?  Does that matter?  At Higher realms we live in the moment. Yesterday is so yesterday!

*Intolerant of 3D.    (Sandra Walters)   This is a relatively new discussed ascension symptom. A total feeling of not belonging.  Meant to push us to join in the creation of New Earth. Not to judge those in 3D.

*A feeling you are going insane.  This symptom is the one that brings me clients sometimes. I am able to quickly reassure them with the help of the Angels and guides.

*Vivid, wild and violent dreams. These dreams contain energies that are on their way out!  There is an ascended master that I sent to my own daughter about a decade ago and she said the next morning “Mom! Who did you send ? I had a horrible night of horrendous dreams! ” I told her and explained that she had asked for a cleanse of a big trauma  (during sleep time) she experienced that was affecting her – then she forgot she had asked me.  It worked big time. Because that ascended master is extremely powerful.

There are more symptoms, however, these are the ones that we are familiar with as we continue to enter uncharted territory.

We are evolving at an unprecedented rate.  3D sees chaos.  5D sees transition.  Many are feeling very alone as everything from the past that no longer aligns with who we are becoming drops away. However, we are never truly alone.  Source and the Angels are available to each of us all the time.  Reach out.  Also seek out others on this path. There are more and more of us all over the world.

As my daughter says, “this is a wild ride.” Indeed it is.  Dis-cover your super powers and find your pod.

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian January 9, 2020 at 2:29 pm Reply

    Monica, you must be psychic! I had just finished Tapping For Australia (Jessica Ortner has made a special 10 minute Tapping meditation) after learning that 10,000 camels were intentionally killed to stop them taking water, when your blog popped into my inbox! I’ve experienced all but a few of the symptoms you mention. I even wrote a Haiku about the ear ringing! I’d like to share with your readers that a couple of months ago I was waking up with feelings of panic and dread. I quickly managed the feeling with my “tricks” (breathing, visualizing, etc.) but then I “happened” to listen to a program on the internet about 5 adaptogenic herbs. The woman giving the talk said, “And if you wake up in the morning in a panic, Rhodiola is very good.” I’d never heard of this herb, but needless to say I bought some and can’t remember when I last woke up in a panic, even during this past week of horrible news. Thanks for this post 🙂

  2. Rosie January 10, 2020 at 5:43 pm Reply

    Thanks Monica. I thought that I would check in to see what the heck is going on and you nailed it. I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and new year.

    • Monica January 16, 2020 at 11:49 am Reply

      Rosie, how lovely to hear from you – we must catch up soon! Glad last week’s blog helped.

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