“The ego is afraid of the spirit’s joy, because once you have experienced it you will withdraw all protection from the ego, and become totally without investment in fear.”   A Course In Miracles

When we unlock our inner Guru we dis-cover ourselves choosing love over fear. Those are always what our choices boil down to in every moment. A large part of our awakening, I feel, is the moment that we dis-cover that regardless of our circumstances that we can choose love over fear.

It would be an assault on truth to say these are not difficult times. They are. However, they are giving all of us the opportunity to discover our inner Guru. For most of us this is a lifetime journey. However, once we recognize that no one outside of ourselves can be our Guru – we are well on our way!

Gabrielle Bernstein, who was mentored by the late Wayne Dyer, has a new book out called ” You are the Guru.”  I haven’t read it but I have heard her speak a number of times and I read her last book called Super Attractor where she describes to her audience how to move beyond fear into joy. So, it was with interest this morning that I listened to her conversation with Maria Menounos about how much we have all learned about ourselves now that our distractions have been taken away by the pandemic. As Gabby says: “Numbing out is not an option.” This is true, as in Canada, our Public Health Minister, Doctor Theresa Tam, warns us not to become complacent through “Covid fatigue.”  Gabby confirms this: “The less we all do, the more we all support each other.”

It is by dis-covering our own inner Guru right now that we are helping not only ourselves but others. Through quietness and stillness, our prayers and meditations are creating a ripple effect of peace in the world. And, as we surrender our desires to the Universe we have a heightened awareness that the Universe has our backs.

Gabby has 6 messages for us to help us to move through these difficult times when many people are feeling angry, resentful and stuck:

(1) See through the lens of love. This message is about connecting through the truth of who we are – which is love. When we are grounded – we do not see separation. We recognize ourselves as One. We are interconnected.

(2) Surrender to creative solutions.  When everything is changing we have to surrender to it.  If we are clinging to the past, we need to understand that others are moving on. Get still and listen to your intuitive guidance. Listen to your Angels. When you release control – solutions synchronisticly occur. An affirmation Gabby gives us is: “I don’t have the answer, but I’m willing to receive a creative solution.” This affirmation is a form of surrender.

(3) Inspired action clears the path. Any inspired action works. For Gabby, at present, it is going into the kitchen and cooking.

(4) In stillness we receive. Stagnant energy needs to be cleared. Meditation helps us to avoid a predilection to try and ‘make things happen’ which is chaotic.

(5) Compassion creates connection.  When we have compassion for ourselves, we have it for others as we are all One.  How do you treat yourself? Become conscious of this.

(6) You are the Guru. Unlock your inner Guru. This is a message I passed on to 3,000 Yoga students during the years that I taught Hatha Yoga in Victoria, B.C.  As an appreciated teacher there in the 90s  – I discouraged anyone so inclined from seeing me as a Guru and helped empower them through the practice of classical Yoga to become their own Guru. ee, you, R are, U you!  We can definitely be inspired and mentored by others – however – no one outside of us can be our Guru.

We have a new Supermoon coming up on September 17th, 4 a.m., Pacific Time. It is in Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is very discerning. This is a good time to be aware of the freedom of making micro-choices, says astrologer Pam Gregory, and choose our thoughts carefully. She suggests post-it notes around the house saying: “What am I thinking?” Pam says that as we sit on our eagle’s perch the next few months we are likely to view heat and turbulence in the world until December. Note what makes you feel light and what makes you feel heavy. Ask yourselves what has changed in you since Spring. Do you have a new attitude? energy? Put out your vision for yourself and the Earth at the Supermoon. Imagine a whole new world for yourself and each of us.

“Know thyself.”

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian September 12, 2020 at 1:24 pm Reply

    One of the ways I treat my spirit is a walk under the full moon so I really appreciate it, Monica, when you alert us to Supermoons! I’ll be Out There on the 17th 🙂

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