Are we wearing masks?  If we are I believe we should be kind to ourselves as we remove them and let everyone see who we really are!  If we are wearing a mask it is likely because we feel that the people around us will not love us as we truly are.   Maybe in some cases this is actually the truth!  However, wearing  a mask does not serve us or them.  Because, seeing ourselves as flawed beings we do not love ourselves & we see our flaws or eccentricities as debits rather than assets.  However, often what we perceive as flaws are actually what connects us to every other human being on the planet and lets us move from a sense of separation into co-operation.  This is essential for our own well-being as well as for the health of the planet.

Covering our identity with a mask does not actually work.  No matter what mask it is.  Covering up anything does not lead to health, in fact, just the opposite.  Because what we are covering up is usually what makes us unique and even more loveable than we already are.  Some people will actually cover their entire identity with a mask.  I think our society used to very much encourage this.  However, things are changing.  We are starting to recognize that to participate in the healing of our planet it behooves each of us to take off our masks and reveal our true identities as lightworkers with capacities we have not even begun to explore yet.

One of the problems with wearing a mask is that the mask itself will get the credit for what you do – as one of my teachers explained to our class.  When you succeed, as you will, you will feel it is because of the mask and you will not ALLOW yourself to be honoured for who you truly are.  You may even push away the fruits of your success – feeling that they are undeserved.  The energy of wearing an identity that is not our own, results in us not allowing ourselves to be truly honoured and respected.  This is a form of self – sabotage.

If we are wearing a mask in a relationship, then it is likely that we will feel that we have drawn that relationship due to our mask & we will feel unloved for who we truly are.  Then, chances are high that we will not let ourselves take off that mask – ever – because we feel trapped inside that deception.  The mask becomes our imprisonment.  Sometimes this has come about through a lack of understanding that the energy of NEED and the energy of LOVE are two different energies.  Someone needing someone else is different from someone loving someone else.  Neediness is a repulsive energy.  It is an energy that seeks to feed off other people, an energy that seeks to make someone else the source.  Do not allow yourself to be someone else’s source.  This does not serve you or them.  When we allow others to see us as their source we are not encouraging them to go within where they will actually eventually find EVERYTHING  that they are seeking!  Nothing that is outside of ourselves can ever fill or fulfill us.  For the majority of us, this is hard earned wisdom.  However, once we ‘get’ this and go on our quest, our own heroic journey of dis-covery, we feed our own ‘hungry creatures’ and then when we do not look to others as our source, we also do not allow others to see us as theirs.

One of my spiritual teachers, Grace  (the amazing Grace – as she is known) , gave us this lovely visualization to do when we attended her lectures in Victoria, B.C.  I know that Grace would love me to share it with you as she is an earth angel truly making a difference in the world by spreading her love and light: ” Close your eyes & see all the people that you love connected to their Source above them.  See that there is a great central sun above all those that you love and see that there is a beam of light pouring down into their head.  See each person that you love being filled to full from their Source.  See them so filled that it overflows from the top of their head surrounding them with a magnificent light & fills them with such joy.  They are filled to full, so they may be fulfilled.  Give them love from the Divine Source.  Infinite Source.  YOU are not their source!  You are not responsible for others (except children).  You are only responsible for yourself.”  When you finish this lovely little meditation/visualization, always take your time coming back to an awareness of your body while taking a few lovely deep breaths and becoming grounded in love.  As Grace so eloquently taught us:  ” Allowing yourself to be another’s source is mutually dis-empowering.”  Because, it is not possible, ever, for them to receive from YOU what they can receive from Source/God.  And, allowing these people to  draw energy from you exhausts you.

It takes great courage to take off the masks we wear and present ourselves naked to the world.  So, honour yourself for doing this as you honour and respect others who are doing the same.  As lightworkers, we are teaching and guiding each other and encouraging each other as we evolve together.  Reveal yourself in all your magnificence.  This is why you came to this planet at this exact time in Earth’s history.  Stand up for what you believe to be True.  Take off the mask.  Allow us to love you for who you are.  A lightworker.  ( And to those who are saying to me – “this too is a label.”  Yes, you are correct.)

Love & Light,          Monica



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  1. Christine July 25, 2014 at 3:40 pm Reply

    This one resonates a lot with me. Of course I have worn many Masks , daughter-wife-mother-friend-nurse-therapist, exhausting ! As I got older though, and I am further on my Spiritual journey, I have realized this. These days I do not apologize for being me , I speak up for myself, let my needs be heard. It is better for everyone .

  2. Gillian October 9, 2014 at 11:40 pm Reply

    Here I am not sleepy…and I’ve discovered that the previous blogs we couldn’t comment on can now be commented on. I always love it when you mention your mentor, Grace, and expect to see her in the Comments section someday. 🙂

    • editor October 13, 2014 at 1:12 pm Reply

      That would be super for sure! Thanks as usual for all the support!

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