“By sharing our gifts we raise the awareness of the planet.”   Jennifer Hough

“Focused on what’s wrong doesn’t put us in flow.”   Jennifer Hough

“Where in your life are you suffering from Stink Eye?”   Sonia Choquette


We suffer from Stink Eye when we are not vigilant for the Light.  Sonia Choquette tells us within her body of work that the ancients “called this false sense of ego separation ‘Stink Eye’  – the sad affliction of not seeing the shared beauty of Spirit in all.” Sonia reminds us that the great illusion of the ego is that it sees itself as less than, or better than others.  This, as we lightworkers know, cuts us off from the Divine flow of life.  We all have challenges and our own areas of weakness – some call this our divine imperfection. However, we free ourselves of Stink Eye when we see with Spirit Eye – seeing with the eyes of Spirit rather than through the filters of the ego.

All of us are on the journey of self-awareness mastery which means we are on a quest involving the expansion of our consciousness which leads us to a new operating system (5D) or way of being in the world. Could we call this path – being vigilant for the Light? It seems to me and it feels to me (I am very clairsentient) as though our expanding consciousness is demanding this vigilance. Because to be fully conscious means we are conscious of both the light and the dark and are consciously choosing the Light.

Focused on what’s wrong (darkness) doesn’t put us in Divine flow  – and yet burying our heads in the sand doesn’t lead to productive change in most cases. Most spiritual teachers are realizing that we need a new operating system that allows us to make quantum leap changes befitting this “bridge time” we occupy.

So, how do we create a new path for ourselves that leads to peace and fulfillment within these chaotic times? Or to put the question a different way – as asked by Jennifer Hough – “how do we integrate with life at the speed of change that is happening now?” The first way I wrote the question is coming, to a degree, from a place of Stink Eye and the way Jennifer is putting the question comes from a place of Spirit Eye.  Can you see the difference? The word chaotic could be replaced with the word ‘transitional’ to move it in the direction of Spirit Eye.

What does Jennifer see as a new 5D skill set?  In a conversation she had with Lauren Galey on YouTube she said that “Letting go of expectations is a new skill set.”  She says that using the Laws of the Universe and physics is the way to create and to magnetize your dreams to you. Jennifer told Lauren, during her conversation, that she had used the old 3D operating system and checked off all the boxes of big job, CEO husband, wealth, living on a sailboat etc., and yet it was not fulfilling for her. When she became very ill, then she dis-covered fulfillment beyond checking off the boxes and today is an international teacher who healed herself when she discovered how to live from her passion. Healing herself largely with nutrition led to her running the largest nutrition practice in Canada.

We know that the 3D operating system is largely a survival mode and Jennifer states that most people are still largely in that mode. The 5D mode of thriving involves the energetic release of doing things ‘in service’ rather than for money. She acknowledges that in 3D money means power. We, as lightworkers, know that 5D power is power to rather than power over. Power to pursue our passion while simultaneously serving others. In 5D we earn money while doing things that are soul gratifying for us. However, I agree with Jennifer and other spiritual teachers that we need a new operating system that aligns with our own values and priorities and comes to us organically.

We have been, up until recently, going through an often long-term process of using affirmations, dis-covering our dis-empowering beliefs and replacing them with new ones and working with many systems that are not at cellular level.  I am not discounting these at all as they have worked for me and I am a big believer in therapy, affirmations and getting down to the nitty gritty of beliefs as I have changed 50 beliefs (over many years) so far consciously; however, Jennifer says there is a faster way and our times call for quantum change. Jennifer suggests “changing our relationship to abundance.”  This could mean very different things to each of us – which I think is great because it acknowledges that there is not a one-size-fits- all system!

If we begin to operate from our own organic system then we do not have to change every thought.  Instead, we move to a Universal level where things just “are”  – not human – not part of the 3D pie being sliced says Jennifer but rather coming from that place of infinite supply that just “is.” NOW. Our relationship to abundance shifts and money becomes like breath. Like the air that we breathe. When we get to this place – we start having fun around making money and it is no longer a ‘thing.’

So, how did Jennifer get to this place? She got there through what she calls “the physics of happiness.”  She got to her new operating system through a study of physics and Universal Laws.  “If everything is made of small particles and wave forms and frequencies and physics only responds to our asking and so new possibilities are creating in physics at a great speed and all the ways of getting to those dreams are created immediately – so – we have many more dreams and ‘launched’ possibilities than we did ten years ago.” That may sound breathless – but that is how Jennifer spoke in-flow.  We operate at the particle level and we catch up so-to-speak with possibilities already launched. We do not need to change beliefs using this particular operating system because we are already in alignment with how the basic particles of life work – knowing we come from Creation (the Creator) and that particles of creation always create and co-create. We cannot not create. I guess I would add to this that we are coming from Spirit Eye so we are creating positively while organically. Stink Eye is a 3D operating system that we have all been programmed with in the past.

What are some of the parts of her system that Jennifer featured? She says, “You need to find your tribe and come out of the clouds and into the sunshine.”  We are a tribe here on this blog, however, you may need to reach out beyond on-line tribes to find the off-line support you need that resonates with your heart. Teachers need to resonate with your heart. Watching for clues is a crucial part of finding your own organic system.  Recognizing that everything is happening for you and not against you is another. Look at glitches and obstacles in that way. That is looking from Spirit Eye. The new operating system lines up with the way Nature flows. That is the crux of this system!

We are very aware of how amazing Nature is. How magical the entire system is and how we know when it is out of alignment. We see that now, all over the planet with things breaking down, weather patterns changing, fires, floods, earthquakes, viruses. This is a result of us being out of alignment. Jennifer calls it “out of sync.”  When we are not in alignment with ourselves and Nature we are in survival mode not thriving mode.  When we operate from the ‘new’ system we no longer talk about Nature as if She is ‘outside’ of human beings. Being made of star dust – we are not separate from trees, oceans, the cosmos – we are made of the atoms of everything that has ever lived – and Jennifer reminds us that we were “designed for this generosity operating system.  The Universe laughs at the idea of lack of abundance.”  What are the paradigms you need to live in this flow? Our clue/s are in Nature.

We as lightworkers are vigilant for the Light. Asking ourselves as we move into Divine flow – where is a false perception, coming from Stink Eye, robbing us of our birthright of abundance and throwing us out of alignment with our nature – which disturbs our inner peace and makes us feel cut off from our Source? When we see obstacles as us being directed toward the Flow rather than away from it – we can begin to relax into our own natural operating system. Be vigilant for the Light.

Angel Blessings,   Monica



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  1. Gil Lian February 20, 2020 at 4:37 pm Reply

    Being vigilant for the light is a great idea. I’m still smiling over Tee’s owl synchronicities 🙂

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