“Each of you is discovering that the door is wide open, waiting for you to decide what to do next! Mainstream knowledge wants to perpetuate the status quo. Nothing in the universe will support that. Choose to be part of the new now, choose to show up and do your part and wake up in fifth dimension!”   Maureen St. Germain

We are all shifting toward fifth dimensional living. When you hear folks talking about our ascension, this is what they mean. There is a spiritual shift going on that we lightworkers understand is driving humanity upward. This is why learning to step out of patterns is so important and for many of us our breakthroughs have come about as a result of a mystical experience. Our consciousness is guiding us toward Higher self expression.

If you are in transition to 5D then you are recognizing your purpose as coming from deep within you and are experiencing a deep love for all living things. Chances are high you are having many transcendent ‘happenings’ that you are unable to explain with your logical mind and you may very well have experiences crop up when you least expect them that are actually clearing past life wounds. Follow your intuition and you will be led to the individuals that are best suited to help you. As you do this you are also strengthening your connection to your Higher Self.

For the past decade I have worked with clients who are definitely experiencing ascension. A number of them were told they were ‘crazy’ and some even wondered themselves if they were crazy. Ascension is sometimes described as being the dramatic physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that causes us to feel, think, and be different than we were before. Whereas in the ‘old days’ we thought of ascension with regard to the Easter story about Christ , and believed that we had to physically die in order to ascend – this is not the case. We do not need to physically die in order to become enlightened. In fact, our physical death does not necessarily make us any more enlightened than we currently are – that is why I prefer to talk with Angels rather than dead people. We take our enlightenment (or lack of it) with us when we do cross over to the Other Side.

Although you do not need to physically die to ascend it may feel as though you are dying due to the fact that a full transformation is a kind of death of the ego-personality. Your transformation (I have experienced more than one) will make your ‘old’ self unrecognizable. Even to you! Just as the metamorphosis that occurs with all insects that pupate – butterflies, dragonflies and bees – the transformation changes everything and yet the ‘being’ stays alive. Just as the baby chick pecks its way out of the egg, so too must you assist this divine and mysterious process with your own efforts. As the baby chick breaks through the shell through its own God-given agency – so too must we step into and claim our own divinity as an act of will aligned with Divine Will that results in stepping into our fifth-dimensional self.

Every person’s experience is unique. It is also universal. Waking up to ourselves as a fifth dimensional person and a multidimensional divine being is initially quite confusing. Well, it was for me anyway and for most of my clients. We often need to slow down our pace tremendously in order to explore the multiple versions of ourselves and the multiple realities and possibilities now available to us. As we become increasingly conscious (please be kind and patient with yourself) we begin choosing to respond rather than react to those choosing to remain firmly 3D. We choose on a daily basis certain thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions and behaviours that are based in what Maureen St. Germain calls “the nonpolarity energy of unconditional acceptance.” As we make certain decisions, multiple realities collapse into one.

As I have mentioned, our own transformation is unique. We awaken at our own pace in our own way. Looking back I realize that my own first awakening was at four years old. I remember it well. Since I have crib memories and oodles of past life memories that has helped me to understand myself as a soul in a human body rather than as a human who happens to have a soul. For some of us, our transformation toward a fifth-dimensional way of living will seem radical to family and friends and for others of us it will be very gradual and smooth. If you are feeling at times like you are holding onto the tail of a comet and things are accelerating – it may be of comfort to you to know that it will not move faster than you allow it to.

So how do we contribute in 5D? The same way we do in 3D – by being authentically ourselves. While in 3D most of us struggle toward complete integrity – once in 5D the energy supports nothing else but integrity! While in 5D we have ethics, ethics are not really necessary due to our new elevated consciousness. We bring higher consciousness into absolutely everything that we do. This does not mean that we are ‘better’ than folks in 3D, just different. Fifth dimension is not polarizing. You will also dis-cover that skills now (such as channeling) come easily to you that seemed out of your reach in the third dimension.

Most of us are now moving fluidly between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. Many of us are learning to distinguish what dimension we are on. We often waver between fourth and fifth. We are exploring both. Often the fourth dimension doesn’t feel that different from the third. In fact, some of us may not recognize that we have been in fourth until we are back in third! For many of us, myself included, I often see fourth as a portal between third and fifth. Apparently, the dimensions are nested inside each other like Russian dolls. Enjoy your multidimensional travels as having fun raises your vibration which helps you move firmly into fifth level expression.

Some say there is not much need to move into fourth dimension. Yet, these days, I am aware of slipping into 4D consciously. The fourth dimension holds the astral plane and is a very creative zone. However, polarity still exists here. A few times I have found myself being sort of pulled down by a vortex-feeling energy into the lower levels of 4D which are very unpleasant – much like many of the lower levels of 3D existence. These lower levels hold some unsavoury energies and entities that I prefer not to spend time with. However, do you not find that also in 3D?  I call on the Angels when this happens. If you find yourself inadvertently in the lower levels of fourth just invoke Archangel Michael to get you up into the higher levels of fourth or into fifth. When we are holding negative emotions we can be manipulated into zones that are not in our higher interests and fourth dimension is a highly emotional one. So, if this occurs, move into the polarity-free fifth dimensional zone of tranquility.

There is a way to move from 4D to 5D without Angelic assistance. It is actually what we are aiming for – although there is no rush. It is the way of clear intention and lining up your emotional body with your physical body. This means that you must not have any conflicts between your thoughts and emotions or emotions and actions. Alignment. However, emotions are intense on 4D and therefore I often rely on Archangels Michael, Metatron and Jophiel and their help.

Do you wish to spend more time in 5D? If so, do not lose yourself in your emotional experiences. Emotions are wonderful, part of your guidance system and an important part of being human; however, some people identify so strongly with their emotions that they believe they are their emotions. Emotions are energy-in-motion and are meant to be felt and moved through not held onto. Don’t attach to them. When we ‘awaken’ we employ our emotions as a bridge to higher consciousness.

As you move into higher levels of fourth you will find yourself laughing a lot more which is one of the signs of moving into 5D. You become more aware of life as a divine comedy. Another sign is that you will no longer experience affront. You simply no longer notice the insults that you were aware of in 3D not so very long ago! They do not offend you. You also no longer return sarcastic (sarcasm is thinly veiled hostility) comments when insulted. Returning sarcastic comments and being insulted is 3D.

So, how do we know when we are 5D? We are loving, kind, compassionate, funny, irreverent, joyful and peaceful. We can have values/standards and be firm but we are patient, kind and non-violent. Ascension symptoms are varied and some of us have few and others many and they can come and go as we change. We are unique. New ‘codes’ are being downloaded and activated within us as we accept more light into our wounds and as we let go, more and more, of the ‘old’ self that served us well in the past but must give way to the ‘new.’ We have different needs, different desires, different sleep patterns, choose different foods, new forms of exercise. We are attracted to new people, new experiences and new places. Our tastes and desires change and we consciously employ the Law of Attraction (please review my 100 tips in previous blogs) to bring Heaven to Earth. In other words, we become a living ascended master.

Love & Light,   Monica   www.monicahemstock.ca



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  1. Gillian January 26, 2018 at 10:38 pm Reply

    I’ve been very teary all day, which is not typical, so I’m glad to have had this reminder come to me at exactly the right time. I’m also,curiously,sleeping better than ever. How interesting. Thanks!

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