Once we understand the Law of Attraction and the other spiritual laws -we understand that we create our own reality – both what we want and what we don’t want – this liberates us to deliberately manifest with greater and greater focus. Oftentimes, my clients will receive the “You’ve got the power!” oracle card from either the Angels or the faeries.  This message gets mixed reviews from my clients! Some are happy to know that they are creating their future, others, not so much. Moving out of victimhood (3D) into claiming our power (5D) is not always a rose garden. Our ego wants to keep Edging God Out. However, once we bring our ego ‘on board’ so to speak with our acceptance of the fact that we are co-creating our lives with Source – stepping into our power becomes easier.

I am able to work with my clients to help them to step into their power. Stepping into my own power did not come easily (and I haven’t finished the job yet!) and I believe this was partly because I needed to understand the challenges of moving out of 3D into 5D in order to assist my clients through an understanding of what it is like to resist our God-given power. Our power always meaning power to and not power over. Power over is 3D. My current shorthand explanation for my clients who always ‘get it’ is that Trump is 3D  (power over) and Obama is 5D (power to – “Yes we can!”) We have all been told in 3D that progress, like Time, is linear, of course now we know that neither are. Energy spirals. Spirit descends into matter while simultaneously matter ascends into spirit. Due to learning the spiritual laws and working with the Angels, Faeries, ascended masters, the Elohim and our power animals – we are now understanding that we have the power to quantum jump and to shift timelines and we have also dis-covered that we are all walking around in our own little realities. Stephen Hawking talked of “alternative histories.”

Our results when we are creating are always based on our alignment with Higher Self/Source or our lack of alignment. And our lack of alignment can be remedied. If we are not in alignment, then we stop ‘doing’ and move into ‘being.’ Preferably Being. As the saying goes – if God is your co-pilot – change seats! Also, check to see why you may be out of alignment. Sometimes it is things like unhealthy eating, substance abuse, lack of exercise, poor hydration, worry instead of prayer, anxiety instead of meditation. Too much work and too little play. Often it is because we have forgotten to ask for help from the Angels and our spiritual team – forgetting the Law of Free Will. We are living now in many dimensions at once and as we keep dropping density and accept more light our needs and routines change. Re-evaluate. Get to know your developing ‘new’ self. What are we doing? We are getting to know the essence of who we are (Love) and then living it.

Claiming our power is a journey in progress. We have learned that we need to connect with ourselves before creating, so we can ask ourselves, “what do I see going well?” Otherwise we are likely to create what we see going wrong. We were told that a child’s magical thinking was silly. Now we know we need magical thinking to penetrate our cells – reprogramme our cells, adding power to our co-creations. Are reality and Truth the same thing? Please reflect on that in your journal to help you to reclaim your power. There are no right or wrong answers in 5D. Because we are consciousness itself – we can visit any other reality.

As you know by now, detoxing is crucial. Detoxing our bodies as we drop density and ascend is not sufficient. We need to be aware of our internal energy hygiene. Hopefully, you never outgrew your childhood magical thinking phase – but if you did – call it back! Lighten up, play, laugh. As Cynthia Larson says, “get your joy on.” Cynthia says: ” Be open to believing ______________ can happen.” No matter how good it gets – it can always get better.

Never forget the support of the Angels. They are always listening. To give you an example of this – I will tell you what happened yesterday. I had forgotten a dental check-up and got a reminder call the day before to come into the office. As you know, my life and that of those around me is changing in many ways – for those of you who read Tarot – I got “the Tower.”  Enough said. Anyway, I was grumbling a bit to myself (the Angels are always listening) as I entered the office saying “I have been going to this dental office on and off for almost 14 years and have yet to meet the elusive senior dentist even once!”. As soon as I said it and sat down- an elderly man came through the front door and said to me with a big smile, “How are you?” I said, “Well, thanks, and you.” Of course I didn’t know him from Adam but that never matters to me anyway. I thought, hmmm… he acted as though he knew me. Then, he went down the hall, and someone called out – hello Dr._________.  Ya, the senior dentist! he he  The Angels have a sense of humour. Things change – just because we ask.

So, the Angels can help with anything – but you must ask. Nothing is too big – and as you see above – nothing is too small. And, you need to be observant – even a paper cut happens for a reason says spiritual teacher Diana Dentinger. Most people she says are too busy to stop and reflect and connect the dots.

I talked about my new awareness of the Elohim last week. They are a part of our spiritual support team, creator gods and goddesses here to help us awaken to our cosmic self and to claim our power. We have so much spiritual support now – here to help us to allow our divinity to unfold. For many years now I have been seeing new colours and geometric shapes galore – they are beautiful but I have not ‘figured them out.’ I have since learned that they are a language of the soul from Higher dimensions. I don’t need to use my mind to figure them out. At some level I understand them. That is enough for me, at least for now. I asked St. Germain (of the Violet Flame, see blog of that name) a few weeks ago about what I am seeing and hearing in the natural world? He said, “your senses are so sharp now it is as though you are part of the animal world, seeing more, hearing more… all is well.”

Dropping density as we ascend, with our physical bodies, means letting go of everything that is not who we are. We need add nothing to ourselves. We are divine. We are enough. We have the God-given power to change anything in our lives by using our natural abilities of manifestation. When we complain we give our power away to others – because complaints are also negative affirmations that just bring more of what is unwanted. Whenever you doubt your own abilities ask Archangel Jophiel to beautify your thoughts so that they are based in love. I have Archangel Jophiel on speed dial!

Meanwhile if you have given your power away to anyone – why not cut your etheric cords today with anyone to whom you have given away your power. Recline in a safe place. Call in Archangel Michael to protect you while you completely relax. Focus on your solar plexus, the energy center behind your belly button and say either silently or aloud (I find it more powerful aloud) “Thank you, Archangel Michael for cutting any cords of fear from my solar plexus to anyone to whom i have given my power.” Breathe deeply as Michael disentangles you from anyone to whom you fear has been controlling you. Relax. Then when you feel, sense, hear, see that it is done or ‘know’ it is done (trust it is done – if you ask- it is done) then ask Archangel Michael to give you the courage to take absolute responsibility for every area of your life. Repeat, when/if necessary.

You have the God-given power to manifest whatever you wish to. Only your illusion of separation from God could hinder you. So, remember – you are no more separate from Source then the waves are separate from the ocean. As a unique expression of Source you are both individual and ONE with everything.

My guides are suggesting I tell you today to learn something new and exciting or to start a more rewarding job or career. We just had a recent eclipse – a magical window has opened. Explore. Our teachers remind us that Joseph Campbell said that life is about finding the rapture of being alive. Can we do it?  Yes we can!

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian July 11, 2019 at 11:08 pm Reply

    Yes we can! Thanks for the reminder about Jophiel!

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