“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”   William Shakespeare

“Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy.”   Edgar Cayce

“The significance of a man is not in what he attains, but in what he longs to attain.”   Khalil Gibran

Our lives are a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, are they not? Well, at least mine is! When I least expect it in comes another piece of the puzzle that I am required to integrate into the whole and I venture to say that you often feel like I do – that we sometimes do not know when we will connect to yet another hidden realm, parallel universe, alternate dimension, inner world or light being that offers us yet another glimpse of vast, unlimited Divine consciousness.

Those of you who know me personally and my regular readers will remember the story of my Angel visitation over a decade ago that resulted in me travelling to Laguna Beach, California, to become a certified Angel Therapist (R) with Dr. Doreen Virtue. Doreen’s classes also included training regarding power/totem animals and a shamanic release with Dr. Steven Farmer. If you don’t know the story I have described it is in the “About” section of this web-site. The reason I am suggesting you familiarize yourself with that story is that I am now going to tell you about my E.T. visitation that Archangel Metatron asked me to share with you today.

My Arcturian visitation was about a year ago.  Although I will remember it the rest of my life at the time I was very focused on earthly things – the upcoming winter wonderland wedding of my daughter and therefore receiving a visit (even one so amazing and beautiful) from an E.T. was not only unexpected but was something that I knew I would be better able to digest further down the road when family and visitors had left and all the excitement had settled into a period of hibernation where I could ponder the ‘visitor.’ I actually never really did that much pondering. I suppose I am doing it now at the behest of Archangel Metatron. It was while I was teaching a Second Degree Usui Reiki class that I mentioned to my pupils that I had received a visit from this incredibly loving being that I realized was likely an E.T. When I described her, one of my students exclaimed, “Oh, yes, Euril, I’ve had encounters with her too!” And, upon request (and because she is an artist) she drew a quick sketch of her in my Reiki journal and then later e-mailed me a lovely coloured drawing of Euril in her finery.

So, my visitation from Euril came one winter night after I had fallen asleep. I woke up after sensing a strong presence in my bedroom. If you know me then you know that this is not particularly unusual for me as I have been visited by spirits off and on my whole life since childhood. However, the unusual part is that for the past decade I do not receive ‘visitors’ during the night and I also ask Archangel Michael to screen them carefully and to only allow beings of light and those whose visits are for my highest good to connect with me. Therefore, I know that no being every comes into my life that is not supposed to be there for myself or a client. Archangel Michael, as one of my three guardian Angels, affords me complete safety as he does for anyone who asks. Therefore, when I woke up and saw Euril bending over me with her hand on my arm and looking at me so lovingly with those beautiful, huge, almond eyes I thought, “this must be a special being because Archangel Michael let her in.” This was not a clairvoyant vision of an E.T. This lovely, very tall being with an elongated head and body and such gentle eyes was neither human nor a vision and her energy was what I can only describe as Christ-like. As she gazed into my eyes I was bathed in her love. It is difficult to describe the intensity of that love and yet the simultaneous gentleness. The closest I can come is to tell you that it felt like the unconditional and total love a mother feels for her baby. I felt that she came to give me her love and I allowed myself to receive the gift. I did not know her at all, yet I sensed she knew me? Or does she give that pure love to everyone?

My aforementioned Reiki student feels that Euril came because I am descended from Arcturus. Maybe so. I just asked Archangel Metatron and received an affirmative reply. This does not seem strange to me as I am aware from the work of the U.K.’s Diana Cooper that as our Stellar Gateway expands our energies are linked to the star or planetary system from which our soul originates. Did my Stellar Gateway expand so much that my soul’s light reached into the vast regions of space, even for a moment, and acted as a beacon to draw a new experience of love and light my way? I now believe so, although it has taken a year before I have allowed myself to fully digest and feel the blessing of Euril. We humans are strange creatures. We often forget what we have asked for!  New love. New light. Of course! I ask almost daily for expansion so that I can continue to serve. Euril responded to me. How cool is that!

Every person’s chakra system emits a unique light and our Stellar Gateway has the ability to transcend all dimensional boundaries of space and time. (I have experienced this while studying and practicing Matrix Energetics (TM)). The Stellar Gateway is overseen by Archangel Metatron  who nudged me to write this piece so that you would understand that we all have blueprints of amazing and incredible knowledge stored within the higher aspects of our chakras – ready when we are! Just keep receiving the light that has been pouring in, particularly since 2012. If you feel so guided, begin consciously opening up your 12 chakras. If you are not fully aware of your 7 chakras and keeping them cleansed and balanced, then I suggest you familiarize yourself with those first and then when you are ready for more light, ask Archangel Michael to protect you and Archangel Metatron to expand your Stellar Gateway (18 inches above the top of your head) asking that only the highest frequencies of light come to you. I always ask if I am ready for whatever the next step is before I ask for anything. Self-mastery means complete responsibility. When you are ready, let the light coming down through the Stellar Gateway continue to move through your soul star, causal, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, sacral, base and lastly your Earth Star which Diana Cooper in her body of work teaches us is connected to the seventh-dimensional kingdom of Hollow Earth. Grounding connects our body into a unified column of light. Grounding is always important and you may remember if you are a regular reader that I was very aware of a change regarding connecting to my Earth Star when I was told by a guide that I now had “the feet of a gnome.” These gnome-feet are serving me well.  Some of us consciously activate our 12 chakras with our Angels and others of us with a teacher’s help. Consult your Higher Self as to what is right for you. As you continue to receive the light they are opening anyway.

It is only this week that I looked up a bit about Arcturus – as I had never even heard of it until I met Euril! You can tell I am not an astronomer. Apparently, according to the small amount of research I did on the internet, Arcturus is the fourth brightest star in the sky and is relatively close at only about 37 light years away. I found out that Edgar Cayce, whom I have admired since my teens, calls Arcturus one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy. Having met Euril this surprises me not at all. Clifford Stone calls Arcturus “the fifth-dimensional prototype of earth’s future.” Stone says what we lightworkers know – that for living in the fifth-dimension the foundation is love. Arcturians long ago released all negativity, guilt and fear and replaced it with love. They work closely with the ascended masters, one of whom I know is Commander Ashtar whom I have mentioned a few times before. (Ashtar looks human and works with both humans and E.T.s) to create a peaceful universe.

If you wish to know what Ashtar looks like then you can view him on the cover of Doreen’s little book about Starpeople called EARTH ANGELS. He is the very pale  man with white hair. I have channeled Ashtar a few times many years ago now and he was very supportive of me (through his messages) while I was going through a very confusing time. Doreen teaches us that when she connected to Ashtar many years ago now he told her that his mission is to “avert nuclear war on Earth, which would have a negative ripple effect across many galaxies.” (ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS)

I asked if Arcturians travel in starships (having seen one in the 90s in the Cedar Hill Cross Road area of Victoria, B.C., one beautiful starry night.) I was immediately given a clairvoyant vision of a particularly sleek one surrounded by a vivid blue light. In the 90s there were many reports on Vancouver Island of flying saucers coming and going and I remember comparing notes with a friend regarding my sole sighting and she had had more than one. At that time, in my wildest dreams, I would never have thought that one day I would meet an E.T.  However, I am so glad I have had the privilege to meet Euril. Thank you, Euril, for gracing me with your visit!

In one of a number of synchronistic happenings, while visiting my sister in the autumn, she took me to a pretty New Age shop. Here metaphysical signs led me to the back and to shelves of used books where there was one book on Arcturians just waiting for me to dis-cover it. How, you ask, did you discover this book? I  always follow the bread crumbs – do you? I hope so because there is at least one bread crumb in every blog that I write and if you are paying attention then they are helping you to create your own process on your own path of ascension.

So, as guided, I purchased (well, my sister bought it for me – thanks Sis!) and read THE ARCTURIAN ANTHOLOGY by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion. Kenyon describes the Arcturians as “brilliant, fearless and highly evolved.” My only personal reference for this is my brief visit from Euril; however, it rings true for me. I will let Ektara ( a Science Officer -channeled by Kenyon) speak for himself:  “…when you spot a UFO, it may be from outer space, but it could also be from Earth. Because you humans only see a small sliver of the world that is right before your eyes you tend to believe that you are the most intelligent species. We would contest that. We would say that in some regards the cetaceans are more advanced, and there is no question in our minds that earth-dwelling higher electromagnetic intelligences, in many cases, far surpass human intelligence… You think that time flows in a line, but this is as limited an understanding as your senses dictate to you regarding the nature of physical reality. You live in a far more complex third-dimensional existence then you can imagine. You are at a point in time where future explorers are returning to find out what went wrong. You are at that cusp in time, and you are the object of much observation. To future humans you are like Neanderthals.”

Fortunately for us, the Arcturians are looking out for us and from Commander Ashtar I am aware that we have help from what some call the Light Alliance. Ektar says: “Our Starships are patrolling this sector of space to protect you from the nefarious ones… It would serve little purpose for me to describe our encounters with these intergalactic tyrants because for you it would be the stuff of science fiction.” Yes, for me, personally, I might have wondered if all this was science fiction if I had not received a visit from Euril. To what purpose? At this point, I will not venture a guess, as I am only now actually absorbing it. I was surprised when Archangel Metatron asked me to share something that still feels ‘fresh’ to me, but I surmise my witnessing to the ‘reality’ of the Arcturians may help someone else, which is always my goal with these pieces I write. When an Angel landed in my bedroom on my sister’s birthday in 2005 (and I met, consciously, my spirit guide Jo Jo the previous week on my daughter’s birthday) I did not know what was to occur next and my psychic mentor was unavailable  – so I had to follow the bread crumbs and pay close attention to all the omens and signs and the almost overwhelming visions and dreams. I am doing this once again on this newest leg of my journey. Archangel Michael, always by my side, assures me I am on the right path. Doreen says that 2017 is about, among other things, “surrender” and I am doing my best to surrender to the great river of life  and offering the least resistance possible.

During 2016, following Euril’s visit, I was sent a holographic message in the betwixt and between time. You all know what I mean. A man dressed in clothes I did not recognize  ( a guide just told me they are the clothes as depicted in the movie Tomb Raider (which I have never seen)) was speaking and using his hands a lot. It seemed he was trying to communicate with me and I did not understand what he was saying.  It turns out (I learned this from Kenyon’s book) that the Arcturians communicate through holographs. Consciously, I do not understand the message, ( I communicate with Angels, ascended masters, elementals, spirits, etc. but not E.T.s!  Not yet, anyway). However, life has taught me to never say never!  Did Euril give me a download of some kind? Certainly much stranger things have happened to me. Having removed an alien implant from a client (with the help of the Angels) many years ago, I realize Euril may have implanted an energetic chip or something of that nature – but if so- it would have been approved by the Angels so that does not concern me in the least- and if you had felt Euril’s love  – it would not concern you either –  it would be like telling Jesus to stay away from you! I do not understand, as yet, the holographic message and I might be worried if I was one of the humans Ektara talked about that believe time is linear  – but I am not one of those humans and as a student of Merlin I study and practice time travel and have gone back in time and into the future not only to help clients retrieve memories but gifts from the past and healing energetic remedies – I am very aware that time is not linear. I could not do much of the work I do if I held that belief.  So, if it is important to me or someone I know, I will receive  this message in my past or future. For now, I received the bottom line message, which is the same one that the Angels give me, “Love is the answer to every problem.”

For now, I am content to have shared this with you as requested by Archangel Metatron. Why I am sharing it is not crystal clear to me at present. However, I do not need to know because Archangel Metatron knows, and that is more than enough for me. Archangel Metatron, known by some as the Lord of Light, is overseeing our ascension. Anything I need to know will be revealed within Divine Timing and Divine Order.

During this past amazing year of 2016 I confirmed for a client that they originated from Sirius. This client had also been working with opening up their Stellar Gateway. I do know this – we are beginning to learn more about our star origins. It puts a little piece into my jigsaw puzzle as my psychic mentor called me a “star child.”  If you read my children’s book, one of the main characters, Angela, always feels like she has been dropped off from another planet! Now, Angela and I understand the reason why.

My clairvoyant visions lately have been of many codes and symbols coming into the planet. Some I recognize (such as the Egyptian ankh – the key of life) and others I do not.  Not consciously, anyway. We have tremendous support and help dear ones from the Angels and ascended masters  and so many, many light beings. Move forward into 2017 with confidence and great expectations and know that you have everything within you to co-create with Source the reality you desire. Continue to hold the Highest vision for yourself, all sentient beings and this planet. All is in Divine Order.

Let us walk like an Arcturian.

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian January 5, 2017 at 2:26 pm Reply

    Ooh, what a first post for 2017! I went to the movie Passengers (Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt) about a week ago and when they flew past Arcturus I thought of your E.T. Also I just finished a book I bought myself for Christmas called The Aliens Are Coming by Ben Miller and have signed up with Zooniverse to help map the South Pole of Mars. All very exciting, as is your post which is needed to counteract the fear mongering of Stephen Hawking and colleagues who advise us to stay quiet (too late, Steve, our radio waves have been lost in space for ages)because in all likelihood, he says, E.T.s would do to us what we did to the indigenous peoples. My… your long post inspired a long comment 🙂

    • Monica January 6, 2017 at 4:06 pm Reply

      Thank you for your comments – I did not know of Hawking’s warning – I found it very interesting!

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