Imagine my surprise today when I was told by my guides that I was to write about walking your talk!  I had thought that I was going to be writing about gratitude, because that is how I am feeling today, full of gratitude for the fact that the heat is back on in my cottage and there is now a grocery store in the little village where I currently reside.  But, I digress.  I must follow my guidance, which I do 100% of the time, and write about the subject given to me today by my guides.

First of all, in the ‘old days’ when I was a young woman, we didn’t know this expression.  At least I didn’t and none of my friends used it.  Of course, I hear this bandied about a lot these days.  And, I think I ‘get’ it.  I asked my guides if I should entitle this piece Integrity?  The answer was no.  Maybe someone younger than me is reading my blog (cue the laughter, please)!  Kidding aside, to me, walking our talk means acting from a place of integrity in everything we think, say and do.  It is my understanding that many lightworkers talk about ‘living from a place of integrity.’ Others talk of ‘living your truth’.  To me these three terms are synonymous, and therefore, I will proceed accordingly.

Integrity stems from the Latin adjective, integer (whole, complete).  Wikipedia says that “wholeness” derives from such qualities as honesty and consistency of character.  In other words, a “truth teller”.  People of integrity voice what they believe to be true, regardless of the reactions of others.  Oftentimes they are met with a great deal of resistance and in extreme cases, mortal danger; nevertheless, they speak the truth as they know it.  They dare to be unpopular.  St. Bernadette is one of the examples of ‘walking your talk’ that comes to mind.  She followed her visions and guidance even though she was threatened by the government of her day, who accused her of insanity.  She held her ground and continued to speak her truth, as she knew it, and now, as we know, millions of people travel every year to take the healing waters of  Lourdes near her home in France.

Speaking out is as important now as it has ever been.  As Maggie Kuhn says, “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.”  When you do, you will find that it shakes less and less as your throat chakra opens and as you discover like-minded people who were waiting for someone to speak first to ‘give voice’ to truths they also felt and needed to see expressed.  Daphne Rose Kingma (psychotherapist and author of COMING APART & others) believes that speaking out (expressing yourself in words) is the first step to loving yourself.

You KNOW when you are coming from a place of integrity.  You feel completely at home in your body.  In the same way, your body signals to you when other people are being dishonest.  The body never lies.  Allow your body, your beautiful vehicle of consciousness, to lead you to others who are also telling the truth.  Trust your ‘vibes’ – your ‘gut feelings’.  They will never lead you astray.  Sometimes we don’t want to admit to ourselves when we see the ‘red flags’ in our own behaviours or those of others.  To stay in integrity, to keep walking our talk, we need to ‘check-in’ with our own selves frequently. As the well-known Heart Intelligence coach, Christian Pankhurst, always says, ” if you want people to see you – then you have to show up.”  Or, words to that effect.

Now, here is where I just asked my guides what to write next?  They replied that I was to insert some channeled information that I found a few nights ago (seemingly accidently) while clearing out my filing cabinet.  I picked up my journal from 2010 when I was living for one year in the Annex in Toronto, and out fell a small piece of paper that was not part of the journal but had been tucked inside.  I remembered this had really helped me at that time.  I just went looking for that small bit of paper and I couldn’t find it anywhere in my cottage.  So, I asked my guides, “do I really need this information to be inserted into this writing now?”  The answer is “yes.”  So, as I always do when something is lost, I invoked Archangel Chamuel and asked.  Ask and you shall receive.  Within two minutes I now have that paper in hand, after turning my cottage almost upside down!  Thank you so much Archangel Chamuel.  I am very grateful.  Here is what my guides want you to know today:

“Personal resonance and inner alignment is where it has got to be right now, no matter

how eccentric, odd or unavailable you may appear to others.  The degree of inner imbalance

that has been accepted as a ‘normal life’ pattern reflects the energetic pressure (or dismantling)

that one is experiencing now.”

These words above, and from above, helped me so much in 2010.  I hope they help you now.  Since Archangel Chamuel found them for you – they will ‘land’ where they are meant to, as always.  That is how it is.

Deepak Chopra, M.D., says: “The ability to live an honest life is based upon a deep connection to spirit.  When inner fullness predominates, you lose the need to manipulate, obscure, or deceive.  Honesty is the intrinsic state of a person living a life of integrity.  According to yoga, life-supporting, evolutionary behaviours are the natural consequence of expanded awareness.”  (THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF YOGA)

If in the past you have had periods where you were not honest with yourself or others, forgive yourself.  That was then and this is NOW.  Hand over, right now, any feelings of guilt or shame to your guardian angels who are happy to take them to the Light for cleansing, purification and transmutation – you only need ASK.  And, remember – this inner alignment is based upon your OWN emotional guidance system and your own moral guidance, no one else’s.  Enjoy being yourself.  Walk your talk.

Namaste,    Monica



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  1. Christine February 28, 2014 at 6:31 pm Reply

    Another beautifully written Blog. And they always seem to be current for me as well. So many of us are not quite truthful when asked what we want or need, instead we let others decide perhaps… or like me years ago used to eat Food with Gluten because I didn’t want to cause a bother…. even though my body is highly sensitive to Gluten. Not a good a feeling. These days I always tell people I can’t have food with Gluten when I’m invited . So always say what you mean,need and think about things. Everybody will be so much happier then. 🙂
    Thanks Monica

  2. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 2:47 pm Reply

    Dr Seuss said, “Do what you want and say what you feel. The people who matter won’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter.” On the other hand a book I love called The Tools says: No relationship can survive such honesty. I think they’re both right!

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