We are all aware that we are living in a time of great change.  As lightworkers we embrace change and ‘walk away’ or ‘let go’ of whatever no longer serves us or our purpose. Light continues to stream in and many of us,  undergoing detoxification from so much light and love, are ‘letting go’ of troublesome childhood memories and also relationships, habits and patterns that do not serve who we are BECOMING. I find that recently, lightworkers are letting go or ‘walking away’ from people and situations that no longer resonate.

This ‘walking away’ is sometimes something that comes up in an angel reading as a guided suggestion from the angels.  There is a “walking away” Oracle card in many decks.  Sometimes, this card simply means to get out in nature and walk to clear cobwebs from the mind and sluggish energy from the body – because lack of focus and poor mechanical resonance delays or blocks manifestations.  Other times it means to ‘walk away’ from toxic relationships, patterns, old beliefs, or old habits.  It becomes clear, during angel readings and/or spiritual counseling as to what is occurring when this card appears as our deep emotional healing leads to greater self-respect.

As our love of God, our angels and our Self increases, our vibrational frequency changes and we often find that people and activities we once enjoyed change too.  This is not unusual (I recommend my piece called Good-Bye & Hello).  The only constant in our earthly lives is change.  Therefore, ‘anchoring’ the Light is important as it helps us to stay grounded as our frequency increases and helps us ascend into higher and higher dimensions.  My psychic teacher/counselor, Grace, told me in the early 90s that I used my consistent yoga practice to ‘ground’ me.  To anchor me to Earth.  She said “it is the only thing that is keeping you from spinning off the Earth.”  Of course, I only had a partial understanding of what she meant at the time but I understand NOW.

As time goes on and we continue to evolve we get better at discernment which helps us in our ‘letting go.’  Discernment is very different from judging, because judging does not usually lead to peace.  We have been taught to judge as part of the ‘old’ world; however, we may have less experience with discernment.  This may be a topic for me down the road.  Nevertheless, most of us KNOW when we are judging ourselves and others and it tends to separate us from God, while discernment tends to bring us closer to our Self.

As you are aware, I have a strong connection and resonance with the elemental realm. One of the many benefits of this connection is receiving on behalf of myself and others their ‘down-to-earth’ advice regarding everyday matters regarding finances, relationships, and jobs.  Faeries, unlike angels (who have NO ego) only help those of us who respect animals and the environment.  Faeries will withhold their assistance from those of us who disrespect and treat the Earth with a lack of reverence.  Angels, as you know, help everyone, and do not see our egos, but, only our Higher Selves.  Occasionally, someone comes to Awakening Spirit, and I see, hear, feel or know instantly that they are an incarnated elemental or that they are surrounded by faeries due to their deep respect for animals and the environment.

When I do a ‘faery reading’ for a client, I use Dr. Doreen Virtue’s MAGICAL MESSAGES FROM THE FAIRIES deck as a starting point.  A client sometimes receives the “Walk Away” Oracle card at the outset of the reading.  The first card in a reading tells me a great deal, even though I often begin ‘tuning in’ to a client an hour before they arrive on my doorstep in order to ‘serve’ them better.  If a client is connected to the elemental realm, or loves and works with horses, or has a horse as a power animal or spirit guide, then I often channel Queen Maeve (land goddess & faery queen loved by horses) for a personal message for them.  Because faeries are so close to the earth (they are nature angels and the guardian angels of animals) they feel the energies of the planet in a way that we do not and are able to offer advice in a magical way that simultaneously encourages our sense of fun and play which is so crucial to our success with manifesting earthly resources.

Doreen’s “Walk Away” Oracle card, includes this faery message: “Leave the unhealthy situation, and enjoy the new doors that open as a result!”  Sometimes, this refers to leaving an unfulfilling job, or career path, or friendship or an unhealthful habit or pattern of behavior and other times it means walking away from a dysfunctional or unfulfilling marriage.  When it refers to the latter, the client knows, deep down, that this is the case and is looking for confirmation of their own truth.  Usually, they have been considering this decision for a long time, especially if they are an earth angel.  Earth angels tend to exhaust themselves trying to rescue everyone and ‘lift’ everyone around them.  This, as you know, is not actually always the best thing for themselves or others.  As an earth angel myself I no longer attempt to ‘rescue’ people who do not wish to be rescued and instead channel my energies and the energies of the angels and ascended masters to those asking and also ‘open’ to receiving the level of help and expertise that I have to offer.  I have learned this over my considerable earthly years; however, those of you still struggling with this may benefit greatly from reading Doreen’s book ASSERTIVENESS FOR EARTH ANGELS.  Assertive women are often referred to as “bitches” in our culture.  So, don’t forget your Light shield!  You may run into men who want you to hand over your ‘power’ to them and also women who want you to join them in their feelings of complete powerlessness within patriarchy.  Assertiveness is NOT hostility or aggression, it is having healthy boundaries which is new to many of us.  Doreen’s book guides us to be “loving instead of ‘too nice.’ ”  Sometimes, men or women who are ‘holding on’ to unfulfilling careers and relationships and such,  are doing this due to a variety of fears around the reactions of others or about what the future may hold if they take this step.  Some of us are so accustomed to living from our “pain-bodies” (Eckhart Tolle) that we have difficulty choosing and accepting JOY.

Faeries can help smooth the transition involved in walking away.  They can help you to manifest the resources if you ask them to provide you with the means and abundance.  Ask for the abundance necessary to fulfill your divine purpose.  Sometimes, this help may come in the form of guiding you to update your resume, learn new skills or take some classes, re-enter the work force or as Doreen mentions “squirreling money away.”   Some of us need to plan carefully and others not so much.  Support groups can be helpful for some, but remember – if you feel judged – walk away!

As some of us are changing, what we are inviting into our lives changes too.  Before ‘new’ energy can come into our life, we need to create the space for it by cleansing the ‘old.’  (Therefore, reading my piece on Living With Uncertainty may be helpful).  Kara, of the  “Ascension Notes” writes: “You see, one old belief that is changing is the ‘happily ever after.’  We have believed that once we found our ‘Prince Charming’, it is to last forever and ever.  Many have discovered that this just isn’t so.  People come into our lives to help us grow into the beautiful beings we truly are; no matter how long that happens to be.  The truly courageous ones have been able to see and receive the gift and let go, if that is what is guided.”

From my own experiences (my life as a laboratory!) I have found it important to release ‘old’ energy, so that the ‘new’ may enter.  We do this under NO Divine command. (As one of my amazing teachers taught me many years ago – “some of us wish to hide behind God)”.  We must take responsibility for our own choices.  This walking away is a FREE WILL choice.  Only we can choose (with God’s Love) what is ultimately right for us and that is why we explore all options.  This is why we are here.  To express our own Self in a way that acknowledges our own divinity and also serves others.  “You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.  That is how important you are!”  (Eckhart Tolle).

Sometimes, self-love and self-respect leads us to walk away from a relationship or marriage.  For most of us, especially us earth angels, this decision is taken after exhausting all other possibilities.  Our spiritual friend and teacher, Emmanuel, channeled by Pat Rodegast answers some of our questions regarding marriage and divorce.  Emmanuel was asked, what can I do about my deteriorating marriage?  Here is his reply:

“Let it deteriorate.

Marriage is another word for relationship

and when a relationship no longer serves,

if you have scraped the bottom of the barrel

to find the meaning, to find the lessons,

to find the essence of why you have come together,

and this has not brought forth

what you are seeking,

what more can you possibly do?


If there is no true wedding

it matters very little how you close it.


Can you not let this go

with your love and your blessings

so the next time you meet this soul again

there will be more compatibility,

more compassion, more understanding?

For you will meet again.

Since all will ultimately come to Oneness,

there is not one person you encounter in your life

you will not see again.

Think about that.”                    (EMMANUEL’S BOOK: A MANUAL FOR LIVING COMFORTABLY IN THE COSMOS, compiled by Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton)


At this time of writing, some of us are now walking away from relationships and marriages and others of us are finding ‘new loves.’  Yet others of us are transforming ‘old’ partnerships into ‘new’ with mutual agreements.  Re-writing their spiritual contracts. It may not always  FEEL good, but it IS all good.  It is all part of our journey to enlightenment.  How we ‘get there’ may look ‘weird’ to others, especially those still living entirely in their fear-filled egos; however, it is their choice to follow their own path and we ALL get there eventually!  If not this lifetime, then the next.  As we strip away all ‘should’s’ and stop living from our place of suffering, and accept more and more Light, we feel and observe the ‘shifts’ in ourselves and others and with faith and courage (faith gives us courage) we continue to expect the best and raise our vibrations to draw it to us.  This continues into 2015 and beyond,  as we work toward the ‘new’ earth. We are getting more confident as time goes on!

As we shine our light more brightly, we attract other lightworkers (let’s use the new term, lightplayers), into our energy field.  We also sometimes attract those who are blinded by our light and wish to extinguish it, one way or another.  There are many ways to douse someone else’s spark, if that is how one wishes to use one’s ‘power.’  And, the more sensitive and filled with light a person is, the often easier it is to attack them.  Help these ‘attacking’ people still trapped in the ego-mindset of the ‘old’ fear-fuelled, competitive  world when you can – if you are guided or asked to.  Otherwise, be compassionate & discerning as you continue to accept the Light and spin out of their energy field.  We are not here to force or coerce.  We are here to lovingly share our truth and to shine our light brightly.

If you are walking away from something or someone, love it or them deeply first.  It is spiritual knowledge, that love sets us free and sets others free as well.

Do not let yourself be pulled into the vortex of the lower realms.  Unless, this is where you truly wish to be.  Walk away with love and light and send everyone angelic assistance for their Highest Good and yours.  Move forward.  Claim your future by living into it with faith.  Ask your angels to help you, sit back, welcome the Light and bask in the unconditional Love of God.

Many Blessings,               Monica





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  1. Gillian November 27, 2014 at 4:18 pm Reply

    From now on I will use the term “lightplayer” which is lovely. Another timely yet timeless blog. Thanks.

  2. Christine November 27, 2014 at 8:26 pm Reply

    Thank you , very relevant to us all at this time .

  3. Hayley December 4, 2014 at 3:35 pm Reply

    Wow, such a refreshing approach to ‘walking away’ when the cultural codes around that phrase are so overwhelmingly negative. Thanks for reminding us what a truly positive step this can be! 🙂

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