If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.”  Henry Ward Beecher

In order to disprove the law that all crows are black, it is enough to find one white crow.”   William James

Are you a watcher? If you are – chances are very high that the crow is one of your bird totems. Are you balking a bit at this? Maybe like many of us you are both intrigued and aggravated by crows. Maybe like me, you have both crow and canary as your bird totems. I find it easy to love canary and I have learned to love crow.

Spirit gave me the direction today to write about bird totems and bird messengers. So, I put my planned blog on ice for the time being. When Spirit chooses the subject I know that there is a reason of which I am likely unaware. However, I do know that birds are messengers from Heaven. This I have always known.

The Angel of birds is Archangel Bhokpi. He works with Archangel Metatron to literally make sure that the songbirds tweet in spiritual news at dawn each day. During Atlantis we were consciously aware of this.

I am a watcher. In Angel cottage I watch for signs and omens. It is a part of who I am and have always been. It is how I receive direction from Spirit who uses the natural world to speak. You know what I mean. Anyone of us could be a “white crow.” We all develop our own ways of communicating with Spirit and our process is as unique as we are although there are similar elements. Each of us is guided and if we have crow as a bird totem we are watchers and if we wish to become a ‘watcher’ we can always ask for some crow medicine.

Crow asked me to write about him today. He dropped a black feather where I would see it – and this has never happened before as I usually receive white feathers. I registered this, however, I was not aware at the time of why although it was not long before it was revealed. Because, the same day, there was a message from canary and I was led to the message from canary by crow. I was leaving my front door when I saw a dead canary in my flowerbox. My heart sank; however, I was very aware that this canary was delivering a message to me and then I realized it is also for you. Together we will receive the messages that come to us via canary’s sacrifice. If I have learned anything at all in life it is that the Great Spirit notices the fall of every little canary. Nothing goes unwatched or unobserved or is separate from Source. Nothing is lost in the Mind of God.

Crow gave me the message to watch for canary who gave me the message that my throat chakra has opened further and that the power of my voice is going to be awakened. Since we are each both separate and ONE dear readers – this message is also for you. So, I researched in one of my favourite books ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews in order to remind myself and you of the general messages of both crow and canary. People who know me know that my go-to source on this subject is Ted Andrews and his classic reference book for “anyone wishing to forge a spiritual connection with the majesty and the mystery of the animal world.” Ted has now crossed over and is guiding us from the Other Side.

What do the crow and canary share besides feathers and the fact that they are both masters of the element of air? Their cycle of power is year-round. When crow comes into your life (and if you are reading this it has) the secret magic of creation is calling you. The cawing out of the crow “should remind us that magic and creation are cawing out to us every day.” They remind us of our role, I feel, as co-creators with Spirit because we must believe in magic to employ it in order to create the life of which we dream. And crows have much great mythology about them. For those of us with crow totems or wishing crow medicine – we would do well to familiarize ourselves with their links to Greek, Roman, Norse and Chinese mythology, among others. Wherever crow is, there is magic and they are “symbols of creation and spiritual strength.”

The canary’s keynote is the power of song and voice. When canary comes into your life (and it just did!) it reflects an awakening and a stimulation of the throat and heart chakras. This results in “increased ability to feel and to express feelings. Learning to use your voice to bring sunshine into the lives of others will be part of the process.”

As some of us likely remember – canaries used to be taken into the mines to detect gases. They were so sensitive that if gases were present they would quickly die. This of course reinforces for us the canary’s message that our throat and heart centers are going to be reflecting a higher sensitivity. It reminds us lightworkers that we need to be extra careful now of the atmosphere we create with our words and also to exercise caution with regard to what we expose ourselves to in others.

For some of you reading this – canary may be suggesting you would benefit from musical lessons or a return to your music or to study a new kind of music or new ways to use your voice. For all of us this is a message that whether it is the spoken word or song  – sound is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. With the power of sound we can excite, stimulate, enlighten, heal, awaken intuition and manifest joy for ourselves and others. If canary is one of your totems you may also have a past life connection to an ancient school of meistersingers such as the one at Nuremburg or a connection to a canary breeding center such as the people of Hartz mountain. As you likely know the name Hartz is still one of the most familiar names today with regard to bird supplies. For all of us, whether or not canary is a totem and/or messenger it indicates that it is time to learn more about ” the mysteries of sound, music, and voice to heal and bless your life and that of others.”

I learned a special manifestation tip from Doreen Virtue. Adding music/sound to your manifestations can help them to appear in a more timely fashion.

When canary enters our lives Ted asks us to answer these questions:

(1) What song have you been singing?

(2) Are there sour notes echoing within your life?

(3) Where are they coming from?

Please answer these in your journal after meditating on them to honour the canaries as messengers of Spirit. Remember that from this day forward everything you say is going to have more impact. “With time and practice you will find your life takes on new tones, and the sour notes are eliminated.”

I buried the dear little canary as soon as I found it. Preparing a special spot in the garden I called in the faeries and the angels and gave thanks for its song and messages and its life. I said a prayer to bless it and thanked God for its creation and gifts.

Fresh air dear ones is now a must for you – it is essential to the song of the canary and it becomes increasingly more important for us now. Some of us must now go outdoors more – breathing in the fresh air and letting birdsong (the most sacred form of music) help to mend our souls and heal any dis-ease. We are now aware that the frequency of birdsong melodies resonates deep within our DNA and can allow our bodies to reconstruct at the cell level. The birds sing codes of love and light – the songs of the Angels and of Heaven.

Watch. Listen. Let the power of birds help you to unfold the wings of magic and enchantment in your own life.

Blessings,   Monica



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  1. Gillian May 19, 2017 at 12:56 pm Reply

    Didn’t read this the day it was posted (yesterday) so this morning on my walk was sent a real character to remind me to get to it. She actually said, “Angels are all around me” from her car full of cool and colourful stuff–a beaver fedora, multiple shawls, etc. Will keep watching for more signs 🙂

    • Monica May 19, 2017 at 2:02 pm Reply

      I always enjoy your feedback! Thank you. How cool is that eh?

  2. Lonnie April 2, 2019 at 5:01 pm Reply


    Thank you. Everytime I have allowed myself the time and space to get clear, Mother Earth and my Winged Allies have been there to support the music and speech meant to flow through me. Reminding me that sharing the songs is the priority. With deep respect and gratitude.

    Lonnie Johnson
    Truth Tribe

  3. Marcia March 1, 2021 at 3:21 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for the enlightenment and thank you for your contribution to creation as a whole …. May you be edified and blessed in every every way possible. Namaste.

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