“Lose your head!

Not a single thread that has a head

can go through the eye of the needle.”   Rumi

Dance until we are dizzy is our message for today dear readers. When did you last do that? As I write I have memories of spinning in the basement as a child until I collapsed on the floor from dizziness, laughing and asking my pals to join in.  We whirled like a whirling  dervish. And, so, I ask you today – urged on by Rumi – to lose your head for awhile. Dance to the music of your hearts and the music of the spheres. Just dance!

Today we received this message from the “Rumi Oracle” by Alana Fairchild – I pulled a card for us and we collectively received Whirling Goddess:

“There is somewhere you are meant to be. It is here, now, in this moment. There is a gift right under your nose, and fragrant wine in your glass, gleaming red as the most precious rubies. To be here, now, you must pass through the keyhole. But your head will tell you this is not possible unless the door is unlocked, even though your body is passing through the keyhole of that locked door into the endless world beyond.  Leave your mind to be in its struggles for a moment. Without you laying witness to it, your mind will become like the dog howling for his master’s return, even as he steps out the front door. Frustrated temporarily, he will chew on some shoes, then fall asleep peacefully until his master returns. So, leave your mind trusting, chewing a little, until you are truly through the key hole when it can rest. Leave it be: instead, come dance with me.”

This oracle is bringing you a message at the perfect time to let you know that you are now at the point of growth where your mind has the potential to hold you back rather than move you forward. To most if not all of us who use our minds to prop up our sense of self as well as to support our own world view and our certainty of how it works – then this may not be an easy leap. It is likely to be a leap of faith! “It will seem as though you are being asked to pass through the keyhole.” Naturally, your mind will kick into action and offer resistance. “Don’t place too much stock in the claims that life should be other than it is.” You are not being asked to understand – you are being asked to to lay all thoughts aside and to just dance. To come alive! “And to awaken the next day and do that all over again – and again, and again.”

This message confirms that you are at the phase where you are ready to live beyond what you know and what you think you know. (The Angels asked me to put that in italics!)  It does not need to matter if at present you cannot see how your life and others could work out. Or, “how it could be that someone so normal and ordinary as you and I could be so magnificent, wild and divine.” Yes, dear ones, we are collectively today receiving the message that our need for answers and plans and explanations and reassurances is passing out of our world. We no longer wait for anyone’s permission. We no longer wait for the perfect dance partner either for we accept Rumi’s invitation to “the great dance floor.” We let go of any hesitancy or judgement around not knowing what to do next and not being able to explain it – we just dance to the music we hear ‘however measured or far away.’ We are given today, by Spirit, permission to tell the truth when asked what are you going to do next? :  “I do not know.”  How are you going to manage?: “I do not know.”

“Know nothing and dance sweet soul, for all will unveil itself to you in perfect harmony and timing. Your heart shall create the steps in response to the music of the spheres, happening now, alive and spontaneous, and free.”

Dear readers, chances are high right now that there is at least one issue really worrying you. It may appear to be unsolvable or unknowable when we receive this message. God/Source is handling it. Hand it over to the Angels and thus to the Divine. Do this sacred ritual Alana recommends and repeat daily as needed:

Say out loud: “I give my heart permission to lead this dance. I give my mind some time off – no more worry or doubt, planning or resisting. Instead, I open. Instead, I allow, I allow, I allow. And all unfolds with perfection, divine timing and the miracle of grace. With Rumi as my soul witness, so be it.”  That completes your honouring ritual.

Just dance – you are not being asked to understand.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian September 5, 2020 at 5:36 pm Reply

    Ooh, great advice–thanks, Monica and Rumi!

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