“Find somewhere you can feel peace and bliss.”   Pam Gregory

“June (2021) is a wild ride.”   Kari Samuels

June is a wild ride says Astrologer Kari Samuels. Lots of change. We had the eclipse on May 26th and the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th combined with the fact that June 2021 is a universal 11 month. Eclipses can bring things to an end quite abruptly. So we have new perspectives both personal and global. Add to that the divine downloads we have been receiving this month and you have a whirlwind of change at this our mid-point of the year 2021.

U.K. Astrologer Bracha Goldsmith, currently in Greece, reports that things are being unraveled and all sorts of distractions are arising. Changes of policy. We are blowing up traditions and some structures that no longer serve us are being collapsed; however, Bracha does warn us “not to throw the baby out with the bath water” as we rush to change. She says we are experiencing something similar to a time warp and there are a lot of tensions in the air which are likely to be with us at least another year and a half. There are obvious political and economic tensions as individual freedom goes up against social responsibility. She asks us to heal karmic wounds, which means taking responsibility for those wounds.

We have the Capricorn Full Moon on the 24th. Pam Gregory (astrologer) says the next few months will be fast moving and intense with many leaps and bounds. Two major themes right now are control vs freedom and control vs truth. There will be many constrictions on finding truth and uncovering corruptions. The Summer Solstice which comes on the 20th, preceding the Full Moon, brings a big wave of energy and more light upgrades. As usual, a solstice is a good time to meditate and set intentions for our quantum leaps to come. Full moons often reveal things and now is not the time to look back but rather, says Pam, to create bigger dreams and envision a new future. “Do not pay attention to what is collapsing.” Some people are in controlling relationships she says and these do very much need to be looked at.

Capricorn is about resilience and inner authority. We are advised to celebrate any emergence of New Earth that we see. Some are already seeing the mini-hubs popping up. Grassroots up. On June 27th though be aware of the strong energy that goes along with a T Square in astrology. It is a “militaristic, harsh energy, a yang energy of external power.” Astrologers are seeing oil prices and food prices going up this summer and possible disruptions in food supply, so they advise keeping some food stocked away just in case.

The lockdown conditions have resulted in folks reaching out and checking in on those they love says Lee Harris. A group connection is also on the rise as like-minded people have become connected  and the splitting of realities has put us all at different levels. Lee says there will be a theme of “revelation and reckoning over the next few years.” Lies are going to emerge from the shadows. Energy spikes will continue, more people will experience “kundalini moments and intuitive awakenings” and he advises not making quick decisions during these activated shifts. We are gathering information says Lee in order to change the foundations of our lives.

Love & Light,   Monica/Aurora

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  1. Gillian June 19, 2021 at 6:43 pm Reply

    Recommendation for Monica’s other Readers: Bliss Brain by Dawson Church.

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