“In our quest for the scientific and rational, we have come to look at nature and its elements as objects separate from us and simply to be studied. For many, this scientific approach to nature has destroyed the mysticism and spirituality surrounding it. It has burst its bubble of mystery. Nothing could be further from the truth. What science uncovers about nature should amaze us and fill us with even greater wonder at the magnificent expression of life in all its varied forms. It should teach us how intricately every aspect of nature is woven into our own existence.”   Ted Andrews   (Animal Speak)

For the past week while continuing to care for a friend recuperating from a quadruple bypass (and doing well!) I have been watching a lot of news. There are periods of my life where I do not watch any news, periods where I watch a small amount and periods where I watch a great deal. So, the two stories I am watching play out are the coronavirus outbreak and the impeachment trial in the United States.  I was wondering how I could speak about my spiritual perspective regarding both of these news stories today and what that topic would be and I realized that, for me, the heroes of both of these stories are the whistleblowers.  On a spiritual 5D level, the whistleblower in the impeachment story and the whistleblowers in the coronavirus story are providing us with 2020 vision.

2020 vision is what we lightworkers have. We know that structures and systems of the 3D world are breaking down as predicted and we can also see with our 2020 vision that both animal and human whistleblowers are helping to point us in the direction of New Earth. So, let’s begin with our human whistleblower in the United States who blew the whistle regarding what is being called President Trump’s “shakedown” of the President of the Ukraine in order to get President Zelensky to announce an investigation into Trump’s 2020 election competitor past Vice-President Joe Biden. This, according to most constitutional lawyers in the States, is an abuse of power by a president. However, President Trump and his Republican Party are working to defend the new position that foreign interference in an election is now okay – provided the president in power feels that what he/she is doing is also in the best interests of the public. This, says past Nixon White House counsel John Dean,  is “un-impeaching President Nixon and creating a precedent.” A precedent of allowing corruption. Regardless of how you come down in this debate, I think we can agree that the whistleblower is the ‘messenger.’  We all know the term “don’t shoot the messenger” because it is assumed that the messenger is in danger when bringing a truth to people who don’t want to hear it. And, of course the whistleblower has been put in danger by President Trump who is wanting him ‘outed.’ If his/her name is released then that person could easily lose their life to a mentally disturbed person who thinks that shooting the messenger is a good solution.

I feel that the whistleblowers at the moment in the coronavirus outbreak are the animals involved. Last week I discussed how the virus supposedly originated with snakes and was transferred to humans. Today I am hearing about bats and rats as the possible transmitters. Of course we are all well aware of plagues in the past that were passed from these creatures to humans through various avenues. I feel that the animals are crying out to ‘blow the whistle’ on how we have treated them and how we have treated the planet. We are responsible as humans for the destruction of their habitats and their deaths through our complete lack of respect for their lives. While indigenous peoples think seven generations ahead with regard to the environment they leave for the future – most of the rest of us – think one election cycle. Is it any wonder that the animals are doing everything they can to get our attention and are sacrificing themselves by the millions?

What does Ted Andrews have to say that bats are telling us? He tells us that bats are one of the most misunderstood mammals and how depictions in movies and television have given them such a sinister reputation.  However, bats are symbols of transition and initiation. They represent changes and transformations. Unfortunately, many of us find change distressing but if a bat or bats has flown into your life then it is time to “face your fears and prepare for change.”  Are you afraid of facing a change that is inevitable says Ted? Bats are the only flying mammals. Could you use them as inspiration – since you are also a mammal – to fly above the world and attain a new perspective?  “Bat is powerful medicine. It can be trying, but it always indicates initiation – A new beginning that brings promise and power after the changes.”  (ANIMAL SPEAK)

Rats are tremendously adaptable. Their keynote is success, restlessness, shrewdness. (Andrews)  Do you feel that if you are inspired to the level of adaptability to new conditions that your success is assured? We all must adapt to our Earth in transition. In China, this is the Year of the Rat. When rat comes into your life you are encouraged to ask yourself if you are pushing too hard or not hard enough? Do you need to be more aggressive in pursuing your goals? Wisdom may  result from your answer.  Are you restless?  Do you need to be more adaptable in order to survive and thrive in New Earth?

Today you can see that I am mining these two news stories for lessons we are learning in order to create New Earth. Whistleblowers are drawing our attention to look for the lessons. Some of the whistleblowers, such as Greta Thunberg and Al Gore, are human and others such as snakes, rats and bats are part of the animal kingdom. Whistleblowers are risking themselves in various ways in order to be like canaries in the mine for the rest of us.

When there is an outbreak linked to animals – many animals are killed. New York Times writer, Nicholas Kristof, says: “For the same reason that Xi’s increasingly authoritarian China bungled the coronavirus outbreak, it also mishandled a swine fever virus that since 2018 has devastated China’s hog industry and killed almost one quarter of the world’s pigs.” (New York Times)

Kristof mentioned that President Trump calls China’s Xi Jinping a “brilliant leader” and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg says Xi is “not a dictator” but Kristof points out that Xi has used his tight rule to control information rather than to stop an epidemic. Doctors in China on the front lines of this outbreak have been ‘educated’ by the police for “rumormongering.”  (Coronavirus Spreads, and the World Pays for China’s Dictatorship) Apparently although symptoms were being observed on Dec 1st of 2019 – the government didn’t order the lock down until January 23rd when according to the mayor of Wuhan “five million people had already fled the city.”

Is an authoritarian government going to be established in the United States as well? Time will tell, however, without the whisteblower – we would never be in a position where we would be watching an impeachment trial unfold that is setting a precedent as to whether or not the American’s taxpayer money can be used to allow a president in the future to invite interference in an election with no accountability. Kristof makes a link, although not an overt one, between the authoritarian impulses of both Xi and Trump as across the world there seems to be a move to applaud what is called “strong men.”

We are all ONE and we now live, thanks to world travel, in a global village. A dictator in any country will eventually affect us in some way. The “animal apocalypse” is also affecting us in many ways. Thankfully, we lightworkers are all doing what we can from where we are. Both these news stories are asking us to also look in our own backyard.  Are we working to support our democracy?  How do we treat the animals in our own country and how are we working to save their natural environments?

I was guided before I sign off to ask my animal spirit guide (Grey Wolf) to direct me to the animal that has a message for each of us today and it is rattlesnake. “The experiences that you’re presently going through are an initiation into fulfilling your purpose as a healer.”  (Oracle deck, animal spirit guides, Steven Farmer)  This card indicates that the Power of Spirit is working through you no matter what the focus of your healing is!

Love &  Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian January 30, 2020 at 4:41 pm Reply

    Let’s all make some noise like the rattlesnake!

  2. Tee January 31, 2020 at 9:49 am Reply

    Amazing article, keep it up !!!! Had a wolf come into my mind the other way ♡

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