“Everything is a set-up for greatest.”   Mike Dooley

When you employ wish magic, everything is a set-up for you to enable yourself to manifest your Highest Good. There are so many teachers who are excellent instructors regarding manifestation; however, one of them who puts it in the simplest terms for us to understand and practice is Mike Dooley who has written numerous books regarding making your wishes a reality.

We need to love ourselves in order to manifest our dreams, otherwise we are likely to unconsciously self sabotage due to a lack of knowing ourselves as an eternal being who is worthy and deserving. Dooley says we can manifest with ease when we “begin with the end result in mind and get off the couch.”

So what is the end result of the dream you hold dearest? We are all mostly on the couch right now due to being responsible citizens regarding Covid-19, however, we can metaphorically get off the couch and take at least baby steps toward our goals and baby steps are the bridge to manifesting. We are being called at this time to have some big ideas and release our creativity.

Dooley says our biggest challenge is avoiding the “cursed hows.” It is averted by holding your vision of your end result without asking yourself how you are going to get there. Many of us suffer from paralysis by over-analysis. We can manifest what we wish for in the areas of health, finances, relationships, and career by employing the Laws of the Universe (which I have written about within these blogs for seven years) and avoiding dwelling on what’s wrong as well as avoiding micromanaging.

Do not judge from where you are at today. Dooley says:”Take those seemingly futile steps.” We all know that we are in a perpetual state of becoming. We also are conscious of the fact that thoughts become things, so we employ positive thoughts as part of our wish magic. “It is getting easier every day to manifest my positive dreams.”. You might affirm, “I am spiralling into abundance and joy.”

Our beliefs either open us up or shut us down. It is important to identify the beliefs you would have if you already had everything that you want. Write down those empowering beliefs and look at the list daily. Perhaps before your day begins and before bed. Dooley suggests weaving together Louise Hay-like affirmations. I just remembered this now, but, I was playing Louise Hay affirmations to my Yoga classes in the late eighties and through the 90s. I was a great admirer of her work, never thinking I would meet her and be able to thank her for her service in 2008. I obviously manifested that experience through listening over and over to her tape called “loving yourself” that I played for my students during relaxation.

Reading your new beliefs over and over does help with alchemy because repetition helps the magic rise; however, you must demonstrate and behave AS IF these were your beliefs. “Everything I touch turns to gold.” How would you behave if you believed this?

There are teachers in the world who will make everything more complex to make what they know seem difficult for you to learn because they believe in struggle. What if you refused to believe in struggle ( a fifth dimensional big idea) under any circumstances? Would you then perhaps adopt Dooley’s nine manifestation steps as your own? Here they are if you are ready to let go of struggle: ” (1) Visualize the life of your dreams or circumstances changing in the way you want them to change. (2) do this once daily for no longer than ten minutes and then drop it! (3) Ritualize it and pack it with emotion. Sit the same time of day, same place and close your eyes. (4) When you are visualizing imagine every conceivable detail. Sounds, colours, textures, aromas, to make it vivid. To make it feel more real you must get your heart involved. (5) Feel it emotionally. Let joy course through you – fake it if you have to (pretend you just received amazingly wonderful news, for me this would be “Covid-19 has been wiped off the planet!) (6) Script it in advance. I am about to visualize it… example… I am getting into my new car. (7) Put yourself in the picture (don’t be a mere observer). Example, beach scene? Then feel the sand under your feet and between your toes. (8) Draw from the end result. Visualize your life once your dream has come true. Where are you? What is happening? (9) Get physical. Pump up your emotion! Pump your fists and/or do your happy dance! AS IF it has happened.

Want to prep yourself for these nine simple steps? Then Dooley suggests (and so do I, I do this) writing a list of 12 dreams that came true in your life (gratitude list) and add two that will come true in the future. Hey, you’ve got this!

Angel Bethany is asking you today to make time to relax and do some self care before those steps. Perhaps a pedicure or sea salt bath, whatever relaxes you.

Ask Archangel Metatron to help you to allow the Golden Solar Dragons (seventh dimensional beings) to activate your light codes and help to programme you for the coming Golden Age.

Use your wish magic and speak your spiritual truth and continue to hold your vision of a fifth dimensional world for us all.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian July 4, 2020 at 12:25 pm Reply

    Why not? I’m going to do this for 10 days. How about Monica’s other Readers? 🙂

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