“All you need is a desire to change and be positive and the Word Lord will help you win the game of life!” (Colette Baron-Reid)

Do you believe there is a Word Lord that will help you lift yourself and others up through your choice of words? I do. For me, it is Archangel Jophiel who helps me daily. I ask Jophiel (whom I experience as a feminine energy) to beautify my thoughts daily and I also do my part by using daily affirmations. I have written a blog on affirmations in the past – please check it out if you are not doing daily affirmations.

I have done daily affirmations since 2006. They help me to raise my vibration to the level of that which I wish to manifest. If you do not wholeheartedly believe in a Word Lord, then, you can consider your Higher Self as a Word Lord. When I think of affirmations, I think of Louise Hay as being the Queen of Affirmations. I was privileged to meet her many years ago at an “I Can Do It” conference in Toronto. If you so choose you could invoke Louise, who crossed a few years ago, and ask her to help.

In Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle Deck called Wisdom of the Hidden Realms is a card called the Word Lord. This card came up in a reading I did this year. The card came up as an ally – not a challenger, as the client herself is a truthful woman who uses words in a mostly positive manner. However, it would have come up as a challenger had it been part of a reading for her partner. Her partner, whom she dearly loves, uses words for untruths, denial and in an unsupportive way. My client confirmed this. Her life is being greatly negatively impacted by his energy, partly due to his use of vulgar and disparaging words. When he gets angry – he uses swear words that are affecting her immune system. Lowering her ability to fight infections.

Remember that if others are using words to be unsupportive of you – know that it is them not you . Do not take it personally.  You do not have to engage with others when they are projecting their own fears and negativity onto you. Have you begun doing negative self-talk due to absorbing the negativity around you? Do you employ self-deprecating words? Do you dim your light so as not to intimidate others?  Well, then call in the Word Lord for help! Words have energy. Words can lift you up or drag you down.

Once you have the assistance of your Higher Self, an Angel or ascended master with this – you will start to soar! (my suggested Word Lords are: Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Gabriel, Serapis Bey, Athena, Thoth.)  To name a few. Any Angel will help you word up upon request.

What is your new narrative? Does it match your Vision Board? Are you supporting your new narrative with your verbal and written communications? Your Word Lord will guide you to positive words and words of Grace and Praise. You will be reminded of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance so you remember that the energy you put out into the world at every moment is creating what will come back to you (like a boomerang) as the energy seeks its reflection in physical form. Therefore, do not forget to praise the healthy workings of your body and mind. They are listening to what you are affirming.  I do my affirmations out loud when possible. I find this most powerful.

If you were stranded on an island and needed one book with positive affirmations – you would be wise to choose Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. Louise shows you how your word/thought patterns create disease and how to change them to create health. Having healed herself of cancer – Louise’s book has become the widely accepted authoritative work on the mental patterns that create dis-eases in the body and most healers I know, myself included, have a copy on our book shelf. Louise writes: “There is no new knowledge. All is ancient and infinite.”

One of the ways that you can move yourself into the 5D realm is to word yourself up. The language in 5D is based upon unconditional love. Beginning with self-love.

So, I am going to give you an assignment this week – the Angels are asking me to ask you to watch the language you and others around you are using all this week (7 days) and write your observations in your journal. I know Gillian will. Anyone else out there in cyberspace going to participate?

Love & Light,   Monica


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