“You are going to have to be tuned in, really aware and use your wits about you.”   Bracha Goldsmith

What is going to be the new world order? Are we going to be puppets?”   Bracha Goldsmith

“We can control how we respond to changes and learn to thrive in a new world.”   Gregg Braden


This Spring I have been unable to watch more than a few things from the Hay House Summit due to an urgent medical situation (now resolved) non-Covid related regarding a family member. I had planned to watch it but life happens. It always does. When I was a student at Credit Valley School of Nursing in the ‘old days’ (1968) I had the popular saying “life happens while you are making plans” hanging on my bulletin board. However, this pandemic time we are living through means all of us are frequently having whatever plans we make on a daily basis foiled or tested and so Bracha Goldsmith is correct when she tells us that the astrology of this time indicates that we must keep our wits about us. We need to work our light.

One of the three teachers that I did catch was Bruce Lipton. His opening to his talk was a bad news good news joke. He said, “the bad news is that civilization as we know it is going to end.” Then, he told us the good news. “Civilization as we know it is going to end.”  The audience at the taping had a good laugh. And, this truth sunk in. It landed. Dr. Lipton told us that we are now in the 6th mass extinction event, losing species rapidly, since 1950 ninety percent of the fish in the ocean are gone and none will be left in thirty years. We did this. We oh so ‘civilized ‘ people did this! We need to change. We must all work our light. Lipton says, “When answers to the questions change, the civilization changes to accommodate the new answers. “The indigenous people can tell us how to live on the planet and get back into harmony with nature.” Our existing systems, all of them – government, health care, academia, financial, social are all falling down because they carry old beliefs ” that no longer serve. Lipton states: “If it doesn’t all fall down – we are going to die.”

We must think our way into the new world. We need to speak a new world into existence. Why? Because we are the story we believe. We know this. We lightworkers all know this. I talked last time about steering our consciousness. Maybe that is what Bracha Goldsmith (astrologer) is talking about when she says we must be aware and have our wits about us. We can control how we respond to changes and learn to thrive, not merely survive, in a new world. Twenty-first century science is aligned now with ancient knowledge held by the mystics so we know how to consciously redefine our biology and rewrite our future, becoming what Gregg Braden calls “conscious architects.”

In Gregg Braden’s lecture recently he discussed how science is at a crossroads now that we know that Darwinian evolution is not our story. What is our story? We have believed so many myths that have now been proven by science to be untrue that we are now writing it. Braden asks: “Do we really know what it means to be human?” He says a battle for our story is playing out. I see this, as I am sure you do too!  Do compassionate human beings allow the elderly to die in understaffed nursing homes of dehydration and malnutrition? Do compassionate beings kill off species of animals as though they are useless on the planet and not sentient beings? Of course not! Do caring folks walk by the homeless feeling “they brought it on themselves.” No. We have to face the truth of what our idea of civilization has been. Maybe this Covid crisis is going to help us to find out what it really means to be human.  Braden is worried that there is a battle going on for our humanness – because technology is being developed – chips are being developed and implanted into the human body that mimics the potential that we already have that has not been developed. You understand this dear reader, of course, because you would not be reading this blog if you were not developing your intuition and expanding your consciousness and your ability to steer it which I wrote about a few weeks ago now. Braden says if these chips that mimic our human potential are installed we will lose the cells and neurons that they mimic.  They will atrophy. Use it or lose it.

Braden defines some qualities that are called super human: deep intuition, creating resilience on demand, longevity enzymes, super immune system, super cognitive abilities, super learning, super memory, super recall.  However, these aren’t really super human – they are human traits of those who have expanded their potential. They are human traits. Do we want to develop them or do we want the chip?

I know internationally known U.K. astrologer Steve Judd does not want the chip because I tuned in to a few of his you tube clips. He said, “You aren’t putting a chip into me!” Judd does not call himself an intuitive – his predictions are from his decades of experience as an astrologer. What is the truth about being human? I think Braden and Judd and myself now that I have been feeling into this question is – we don’t know – and it is time to find out before we allow ourselves to be dehumanized.  Could this be the possible silver lining of Covid-19? That we start to ask ourselves what it really means to be a human being – before we are no longer human. Sounds a bit like a science fiction novel to me. Scary, because science fiction novels sometimes have a way of becoming truth.

Braden gave us so much to think about. He always does. He asks us to think differently about ourselves with our new knowledge. I have an intuitive link besides an intellectual link to what he says because I studied some New Russian Knowledge in North Carolina in 2011, just enough to understand why we can grow new organs and things like that. But I digress, Braden draws our attention to the new scientific discovery about the human heart. We have known about its power but now we know that it has “40, 000 specialized cells called sensory neurites – neurons and brain-like cells that think, feel, and remember independently of what is happening in our brain – having their own operating system, own way of thinking and communicating… the heart has been recently reclassified from a muscle that pumps blood to an organ that generates hormones in the heart itself.” Wow! We weren’t taught that at nursing school in the late 60s, because the science didn’t know that. And, what does this mean? It means we need to update our selves as to what it means to be human – we have to think differently about ourselves – as we now know that our brain receives instructions from our hearts and the heart creates those instructions from how we feel about our world. Braden educates us: “We are the only life form that has the ability to harmonize the heart and the brain – 2 separate organs into a single potent system that optimizes human potential.” As Braden postulates – our ancestors doing practices like yoga, meditation and such may not have known the science but their practices to awaken the human potentials showed they knew the connection. This leads Greg Sherwood to comment: “Science is catching up with ancient wisdom practices.”

You are being guided today Merlin says – to answer the call of your soul. To work your light. If you trust your soul’s yearnings says spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell, you will live a life beyond what your mind can possibly imagine. I  would add – yes, but not beyond the imagining of your heart.

Love & Light,   Monica               ps  Due to changes in my life – sometimes my blog will be posted on a week-end, rather than Thursday.




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  1. Gillian May 15, 2020 at 8:12 pm Reply

    During this “down time” I, too, have missed most of the Hay House Summit! Still, I watched Christiane Northrup and she was terrific. Thanks for another great blog post.

  2. Hayley May 15, 2020 at 9:23 pm Reply

    A great blog – thanks for your perspective on these trying times!!

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