Where does worry originate?  It does seem to be part of the human condition and we would be surprised to find a person on this planet who has not experienced worry.  Dr. Doreen Virtue channeled the angels to find out what they had to say to us about worry:

“There was a time before you were upon this earth when sorrow was not mentioned in your thoughts.

You felt a joyous excitement for the time that was to come, and you felt your heart stir with radiance,

for your dawning was upon you.  Then you awoke within your mother’s arms, and gazed upon the face of peace

on mortal flesh and you hungered even then to remember what you had known an instant earlier.  The memory

had faded even at that moment when you recognized the face of terror unscripted upon the mother’s beaming

smile, which told you that you were not at home.”   (ANGEL THERAPY, page 41)


Yes, we are not at Home on planet earth because our true home is with Source and the angels.  It seems that Lightworkers often go through life feeling a ‘longing’ that they cannot identify.  However, those of us awakening to our divinity can feel and identify this longing and understand it.  It is a form of separation anxiety from our Source that can be healed by accepting help from the angels and working with them to create inner and outer peace on the planet.  It is the inner peace of each of us that creates the ‘new’ world.

Instead of worrying, why not ask for help, healing and Divine guidance?  Your angels are always with you and ready to lead you to the understanding that there is actually no ‘help’ needed to enter Heaven because you have never left!  It is the illusion of having left, the idea of separation & the lack of understanding that our Higher Self has never left Heaven, that creates the fear and worries.  We know through the Law of Attraction, that not only does worry never improve any situation but that it has the potential to worsen things when left unchecked.  What we focus upon enlarges.  Therefore, it is recommended that you take your worry and turn it into a prayer.  For example, if you are worrying about finances and the money necessary in a capitalist society to care for your family, instead of worrying and/or complaining, which are low and unattractive vibrations, turn your worries into positive prayers and watch them work on your behalf.  Not only are positive prayers (worry is a negative prayer) of a higher vibration, but the ‘asking’ allows God and the angels to intervene in your freewill choices.  The first thing the angels may do is to boost your mood and also your faith making you feel happier and more peaceful.  Then, they will assist you in numerous ways.  One way is to give you intuitive urges to take guided action steps.

So, let’s take an example that most of us in a capitalist society can understand.  This is a typical concern that may have caused, or, may still be causing worry.  Finances and money issues.  Jerry Hicks, before he crossed over, indicated that he used to worry about people experiencing financial problems.  He said that he had observed that although many of these people were caught in a downward spiral to the point of bankruptcy, they would bounce back up again in a fairly short time after hitting rock bottom.  Jerry asked Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) why could they not have stopped their downward spiral earlier before they could start the upward trajectory again?  Here is Abraham’s reply:

” The reason for any downward spiral is attention to lack.  In their fear that they might lose something,

or in their attention to things that they were losing, they were focused upon the lack of what they wanted;

and as long as that was their point of attention, only more loss was possible…

But once they hit bottom and were no longer in a place of guardedness because there was nothing left to

lose, their attention shifted, and so their vibration shifted – and so their point of attraction shifted.

Hitting what they believed to be bottom caused them to look up.  You could say it forced them to begin

telling a different story.   (MONEY & THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, page. 76.  Esther & Jerry Hicks)

As you will recall, if you are one of my regular readers, I have written a piece called “Telling A New Story” which you may feel guided to re-read (blog posted December 2013) to refresh your memory and help you turn your worries into positive prayers.  One of my goals, with the help of the angels, is to help my clients turn their lemons into lemonade.  Many of our worries have become ingrained habits and we can let them go by going into their ‘root causes’ and then letting go of these negative prayers.  A ‘new’ story reframes everything and helps us to focus on what we want – rather than what we don’t want.  This helps us to raise our vibration and become a magnet for our desires.

Meditation is a positive tool that we can employ to reduce the stress of worry while simultaneously creating the ‘space’ for the answers to flow in from the angels and Source.  I always think of prayer as ‘talking’ to God and meditation as ‘listening’ to God.  Both are equally important, I feel, for lightworkers staying in alignment with Source and Higher Self.  We need to spend some quiet time alone each day and allow ourselves the time to receive guidance.

There are so many different ways to meditate.  There is a way for each of us and one is not more ‘right’ than the other, although some forms of meditation may be more valuable to you at various times during your earth walk.  For those of us working daily on our spiritual development, meditation is a non-negotiable in our lives.  It is a lifetime practice for us.  If you are looking for a simple meditation practice to help you with worries, and one that also incorporates touch, you could use the technique that is seen all over the Middle East – where you sit quietly with a string of worry beads that you rhythmically pass through your fingers to focus your mind and calm your anxiety.  The uniform size and round shapes coupled with the smoothness and the rhythmic and orderly clicking as they (the beads) are passed along the string all assist you into a meditative state.

If you are worried about the dis-ease that your worries have manifested in your body, reading cover to cover the book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE by Louise Hay is a great way to begin or deepen the healing process as well as a tool for helping others.  Louise gives you new thought patterns to replace your worries – these result in relaxation and healing.  Most healers I know, including myself, have a copy of Louise’s book always handy.

If you experience excessive worry, then Donna Eden (a pioneer of energy medicine) has an energy medicine technique that will help you reduce the toxins and stress created by your worry which is depleting your energy.  Donna calls the technique “The Four Thumps.”  Besides reducing toxins and stress, it also boosts your immune system, promotes clear thinking, balances blood chemistry and electrolytes and helps with the metabolism of food.  I attended a number of workshops in Energy Medicine with a master- practitioner of Donna’s and learned “The Four Thumps” along with other tools in Donna’s system.  Here it is:

” (1) Place the pads of your fingers beneath your cheekbones, next to your nose.

Thump firmly for 15 seconds.  This helps to drain sinuses and clear the lymph

glands in the neck.  It can also reduce tension and release excessive worry.

(2) To locate these points, place your forefingers on your collarbone & move them

inward toward the U- shaped notch at the top of your breastbone (about where a

man would tie his tie).  Move your fingers to the bottom of the U.  Then go to the

left and right about an inch and thump firmly for about 10-15 seconds.

(3) Place the fingers of either or both hands in the center of your sternum, at the

thymus gland.  Thump firmly for about 10-15 seconds.

(4) Thump the neurolymphatic spleen points firmly for 10 to 15 seconds with your fingers

or knuckles.  They are beneath the breasts and down one rib. ”    (THE LITTLE BOOK OF ENERGY MEDICINE, by Donna Eden with Dondi Dahlin, pgs 32-33)

Remember to use a very firm tap or “thump”.  My teacher taught us that if there is any tenderness, that usually means that this exercise is good for you and can help release toxins in clogged areas.

For the thumping at the center of the sternum (at the thymus gland) I imagine myself like Tarzan.  He certainly had energy and was not a worrier!  I asked my teacher, during this workshop, if Tarzan was the model for this exercise?  She didn’t answer me, and her expression is not possible to communicate!  So, I take this as a yes!

Love & Light,      Monica

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  1. Christine March 12, 2015 at 4:46 pm Reply

    Don’t worry be happy !Remember that wonderful song ?
    It takes a lot of work to not worry as a human being, I think. You really have to catch yourself and your thoughts , there is so much around us every day that inspires worry. It’s a choice. Worry makes you feel heavy and uneasy, I also think worry has to do with the unknown…. we worry about things that “might happen” I try to live by “It’s all in Divine order”, unless I feel that I can do something about it myself.
    I also find that to have peace of mind , I need to meditate , it is a morning ritual for me, everyone should learn this I think. Thanks for a great Blog Monica.

  2. Gillian March 12, 2015 at 10:44 pm Reply

    Another timely blog for me! (Who was it who said, “Worrying is praying for what you don’t want to happen”?) I love the “thumps” and will give them a try. Am currently reading a book that’s helping, too, called The Untethered Soul. Thanks!

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