“It is the limits of your beliefs (I AMs) that set the limits on your experience.”    (Howard Falco)

You have as much power as you BELIEVE you have.  You choose who you are every day.  Taking responsibility for your own life allows you to leave behind any grievances against yourself or others that was draining you of your own personal power.  Howard Falco gives us a powerful thought that can help us to regain the power that is our birthright: “I take full responsibility for the decisions in my life that have led me to this moment.  If I have previously given my power of choice away, as the conscious director of my life I choose to reclaim the power of choice now.  I understand that everything I experience has a purpose related to my highest intent.  At any given moment the universe is always showing me what I need to learn and accept to get exactly where I have asked to go.  I choose to accept everyone and everything in my experience that allows me to learn the lessons I have brought myself.  I understand that everyone is doing the best he or she can in his or her own way for daily survival, just as I AM.”   (I AM)

Forgiveness of yourself and everyone else, helps you to reclaim your power.  (My piece called Forgiveness Is Freedom was posted September 11, 2013).  Forgiveness helps to unburden you and to show you the Light that is within.  Remember the quote – “To err is human, to forgive divine?”  Well, you are BOTH human and divine.  You do not need to condone anyone’s abusive behavior in order to forgive and you also do not need to be in close proximity to the person/s you are forgiving, in fact, if the person has crossed over – that is fine as well.  You can forgive without ever seeing that person again!  The relief for you will be palpable and it is a big, and for most of us difficult, step toward reclaiming your power and energy.

To whom are you giving away your power?  Take the time to sit quietly with this question right now.  Close your eyes and take a few nice, slow, deep breaths.  Often when I do this with a client, quite a list of people comes to mind, so, you might wish to journal regarding this question.  My experience with clients demonstrates that often the list of people who come into their consciousness surprises them and the list usually includes many people that they have not forgiven.  This unforgiveness is a way of giving away power.  Our lack of forgiveness keeps us connected to people through Time.  Unforgiveness is unfinished business and is karmic imbalance.  When we do not forgive people we come back together again in another lifetime – as a form of detoxification – a way of releasing ‘old’ anger.  So, if we do not wish to stay connected through lifetime/s with the person/s we refuse to forgive, then we forgive them – feeling compassion for their soul’s journey.  We let them go.  This is for your Highest Good.

Our power lies within – and the great Shaman of the Bible, Jesus, taught us that when we clear away the dark clouds of unforgiveness and hatred, we have access to the infinite knowledge, power and peace that He has.  The Kingdom of God is within each of us.  There is a place in the Bible where the Christ reminds us that we too can perform miracles when we access our own divinity.  Christ came to show us the Way.  Christ performed the miracles that He had agreed to before He incarnated.  Jesus lights the Way for us to access the power that we have forgotten we possess.

Many times we do not wish to OWN this power, because the responsibility is great.  To own our power is to take complete responsibility for absolutely everything in our own lives: thoughts, feelings, actions.  EVERYTHING.  However, this is what is required of us if we are to ‘step into’ our True Power.  This is what we need to do to cultivate the intelligence of our hearts and become our True Selves.  This is also the path to inner peace.  Christ’s message is a message of love.  Not just feeling love – but being Love.  Love is the greatest power in the universe and also the only True Power.  No matter what the ‘problem’ is, the answer is always love.  Love results in miracles.  For example, the 120 pound Mom who lifts a car off her child, or the Dad who creates a new medicine to save his child.  My amazing yoga teacher taught us to see our students as stars and just beam them love.

The ‘old’ paradigm on Earth has been ‘power over’ not ‘power to’.  However, this old paradigm of ‘power over’ is predicted to almost completely disappear from our planet by 2072, according to those who research Mayan prophecy.  ‘Power over ‘ has not worked, as we can see through both a microscopic and macroscopic look at world events.  Amidst the current chaos in many parts of our planet, there are New Age prophets telling us that the collapses we are seeing  – in our social systems, from medicine and education to the way we govern ourselves – will result in the need for cooperation that evolves into more sustainable models and an infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling way of life.  It is to this ‘new’ way of living that we lightworkers offer our power and our prayers.  We need to unearth our in-dwelling Christ to help usher in this New Order.  Prayers are powerful as science has now confirmed.

Our ‘point of power’ is always in the NOW.  The current moment.  One of the many ascended masters that I channel, Moses, always reminds me of this.  His messages bring me back-to-earth, so to speak, and encourage me and my clients to embrace the present.  Maybe it is my communication with Moses that helps me to understand the work of Eckhart Tolle?  Tolle’s teachings are highly respected and Tolle has written an entire book on THE POWER OF NOW: “Enlightenment through suffering – the way of the cross – means to be forced into the kingdom of heaven kicking and screaming.  You finally surrender because you can’t stand the pain anymore, but the pain could go on for a very long time until this happens.  Enlightenment consciously chosen means to relinquish your attachment to past and future and to make the Now the main focus of your life.  It means saying yes to what is.  You don’t need pain anymore.  How much more time do you think you will need before you are able to say, “I will create no more pain, no more suffering?”  How much pain do you need before you can make that choice?” (pgs.225-226)  This choice leads to faith in not only who you are NOW, but, in who you are BECOMING.  When we have faith in ourselves, we align with our Creator and co-create from the present moment – our point of power.

Louise Hay (YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE) has been teaching empowerment to millions of people since beginning her career as a Science of Mind minister in 1981.  She and Tolle agree that the point of power is always in the present moment: “It doesn’t matter how long we have had a negative pattern or an illness or a poor relationship or a lack of finances or self-hatred.  We can begin to make a shift today!”

Your power comes from within – yet the North American lifestyle encourages us to look to others for acceptance and approval and to look outside ourselves to be ‘saved.’  Unfortunately, a lot of what we are encouraged to do is basically ‘retail therapy.’  It is short-lasting.  Our finding the Beloved Within leads to self-love and alignment with Source, the Kingdom of Heaven the Christ talked about.  Our relationship with Great Spirit.  If you are doing your daily gratitude practices then you are noticing your increasing spiritual power NOW.  If you are becoming increasingly more authentic, then you are also becoming more humble – humbleness is one of the characteristics of an authentically empowered person. (I am not speaking of false humility here.)  Remember that humbleness does not mean without enthusiasm!  In our culture joy is suspect, yet JOY is who we are.

I want to remind you that this Easter week-end includes a Lunar Eclipse.  This means that we all have an increased potential this week-end to ‘shift’ old energies, so, don’t be surprised if those around you are grumpy at times this week-end as they may be unaware that they are releasing ‘old’ toxic energies.  If you feel no grumpiness – you have likely already finished your detoxing from old negative energies – this may be true for many of you.  However, we need to be patient with those who are less conscious.  Awareness is key. If possible try to spend some time near water this week-end.  If you cannot do this – you can create a ceremony of your own involving water.  Remember that our bodies are created mostly of water and Gaia is mostly water and you may wish to, or be guided to, participate in sacred ceremony.

For those of you wishing an Angel Therapy (R) treatment that will help you on your journey of stepping into your own power – I will type  a treatment from Archangel Michael that you can perform with Michael that was created and taught to me by Dr. Doreen Virtue.  (ANGEL THERAPY (R))   I perform this with clients – and I have never had a client who did not notice a ‘release’.  Sometimes it needs repeating.   Lie on your back in a quiet and safe location where you will not be disturbed.  Focus on the energy center behind your belly button (solar plexus).  Call in Archangel Michael and say: ” Archangel Michael , I call upon you now. Please cut any cords of fear from my solar plexus to anyone whom I’ve given my power away to.”  Then, you inhale and exhale deeply while Archangel Michael disentangles you from those whom you fear were/are controlling you.  Rest a moment or so and when you are ready say: “Archangel Michael, please give me the courage to take complete responsibility for every area of my life.”  (ANGEL THERAPY(R))  This technique is one of so many wonderful treatments that Doreen Virtue taught our class.  Perform it when you are so guided to.  It is powerful.  Because God and Archangel Michael are powerful!  Thank you, Archangel Michael.

Step into your natural God-given power and continue to practice shaping and serving your world, through Co-Creation.  When we are not living from our authentic selves, we can feel like victims.  However, you have the power!

Light & Love,     Monica


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  1. Gillian April 2, 2015 at 11:53 am Reply

    Ooh, I’m tempted not to forgive so that I can come back and be here for 2072 [joking :)]. Great post!

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