“We must be absolutely vigilant over the next two weeks … it is up to each one of us.”   Dr. Sharkawy  (Infectious Disease Specialist)

“None of us knows what we’re going to look like as a country on the other side of this.”   Lisa Laflamme (CTV News)

Breaking down is an option – but so is breaking through.”  Caroline Myss   (Spiritual teacher/author)


I chose the title of today’s blog from Prime Minister Trudeau’s speech last week when he looked into the camera and said: “You know the drill.”  Yes, we do, and therefore we are meeting our moral responsibility. Staying home, practicing excellent hygiene and obeying the social distancing guidelines. There is a strange level of comfort in knowing that we are all in this together, is there not? If there was any doubt before that we are ONE – we know this now. For practical information you can always check out the Canadian Government’s website Canada.ca/coronavirus.  This is a health crisis as we know, however, it is also an economic and social crisis. There are many resources available and more coming on a daily basis.

As Caroline Myss points out in the quote above – a crisis is an opportunity to break through. I know, as i mentioned last week, that all of us are having soul shifts as we process our new reality.  Beyond the fear and anxiety lie miracles waiting to be dis-covered. As a lifetime student of A Course In Miracles I can advise you that miracles are seen in the Light. The Course teaches us: “The miracle is always there. Its presence is not caused by your vision; its absence is not the result of your failure to see. It is only your awareness of miracles that is affected. You will see them in the light; you will not see them in the dark.”

What lights you up? Do the things that light you up. I gave you a list of things last week that you can do for self-care that will light you up and raise your frequency. A high frequency keeps your immune system in good working condition. People are taking different approaches to their fears which U of T Psychiatrist, Roger McIntyre, says is widespread right now. Dr. McIntyre recommends structure and to continue working at home if you are able to. “Work is a vaccine against mental illness.” Structure, exercise, diet and meaningful connection are so important the doctor says. Video chats are enabling me to stay connected to my daughter and her family and allowing me to be remembered by my toddler granddaughter until I can hold her in my arms again! We have a virtual tea party and play session every Sunday. I know other people are having virtual friend brunches and sing-a-longs. Remember that, eventually, this will come to an end – and you want to be healthy in every way to enjoy all the miracles that lie just ahead of you!

One of the absolutely most wonderful things that lights me up is to call in the Angels. I hope you are doing this for yourself. I am always sending Angels to family, friends and clients; however, I am hoping that each of you reading this is doing the same. Remembering that we must ask due to the Law of Free Will. I have been teaching people to invoke Angels and how to work with them since 2005 when an Angel landed in my room and changed this life, as Monica, forever. If you don’t know the story because you are new to my blog, it is on my home page on this website. It is amazing for me as I write this to realize that i have been working with Angels for 15 years now and teaching others to do the same. There is so much help for us when we have the faith to ask. “Ask and it is given.”

Carole Moon has made a friend of her fear. “I’m scared, but fear is a friend, fear makes us careful.”  Rick Hansen – having dealt with his adversity – advises you to “learn how to manage your fear and practice gratitude.”  Gratitude is such a high frequency and so healing. You can ask Archangel Michael to help you to let go of your fear now that it has served its purpose.  I am also thinking today that if any of you had a past life where you lived during a time of plague – then it would be a great idea to cut your etheric cords to that lifetime/s so you are no longer carrying it.  I am going to do this for myself now, so, I will give you my invocation: “Archangel Michael, thank you for right now cutting all my etheric cords attached to any fears, negativity, dark energies/entities attached to any lifetime during a plague in all directions of time – leaving only that attached to love and light. Amen.” Modify as guided for yourself.

I asked what Archangel Michael wanted you to know today and the message is: “Focus upon Divine and Perfect Health.” Ask Michael to help you to do this and to guide your actions so that they support your continual well-being. Visualize yourself and others in perfect health and pour light and love into every cell. Speak of yourself and others as being perfectly healthy and do a daily affirmation that Louise Hay always did. “All is well.”  Always focus on your desires, not your fears.

This is affording us the opportunity for a much higher level of consciousness. We are being given the chance to reflect, slow down, meditate, pray and to become a much expanded version of ourselves. We are experiencing a collective karma and have the opportunity to correct and reset.  We have become global. Our systems have to change and that is why they are falling apart. Our individual reset is affording Gaia a reset while we are not out and about polluting the air, land and water.

A few days ago I read an article by Laure Fillon & Julie Pacorel of Paris, France. It is entitled “Nature takes back world’s empty city streets.” Laure and Julie report that “as humans retreat into their homes as more and more countries go under coronavirus lockdown, wild animals are slipping cover to explore the empty streets of some of our biggest cities.” The birds are coming back in Peru. Wild boar and sika deer have been seen around deserted metro stations in Nara, Japan. A video taken in India showed a wild stag scampering through Dehradun and a puma in the center of Santiago, Chile.  Gangs of wild turkeys strut around Oakland, California, while dolphins are popping up in various ports in the Mediterranean. Unmowed lawns in cities and suburbs will be a source for bees and butterflies and less animals are crushed on roads and highways. “With the hunting season suspended in several European countries, this promises to be a spring and possibly a summer of love for the animal kingdom.”  People everywhere are beginning to appreciate their relationship with Nature and how we have taken Her for granted.

People talk about when things go back to “the way they were.”  However, the way things used to be is unsustainable. We are learning so many things right now and it is the time to focus on what we are learning. Time to realize that we are not victims but that we are being offered the opportunity to begin anew. Myss says to affirm to ourselves: “This does not have the authority to break me down.”  It gives us the opportunity to unleash the  power to help us to break through and to help create a New Earth.

Marianne Williamson, also a lifetime student of “A Course In Miracles” suggests we repeat this affirmation. “My mind holds only what I think with God.” You can change God to Source, Spirit, Universe or Cosmos. Aligning in this way results in the Highest outcome for all. Currently one-quarter of the world is in lock down.  Everything we pray is heard.

Angel Blessings,   Monica



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  1. Gillian April 2, 2020 at 3:41 pm Reply

    I’m sad for the lives that have, and will continue to, be lost, but thank you, Covid-19, for doing what the frantic activists, 11,000 scientists and Greta Thunbergs of the world have been unable to make us do: stop. Let us actually learn from this and never go back to “business as usual.”

  2. Hayley April 2, 2020 at 10:11 pm Reply

    Thanks for a great blog! Video tea parties are great!

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